June 18, 2024

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Houses were destroyed. Two of the victims were firefighters. “Theatrical Situation”

Deceased And dispersed Germany Per wave Bad weather This particularly affected the Rhineland-Palatinate. Heavy rains and floods in West Germany have killed at least 21 people and left more than 70 missing, with six houses washed away in a river, police said today.

A Cologne police spokesman said “many of the missing” were found on the roofs of flooded houses in the municipality of Schultz in the Rhineland-Palatinate. At least 200,000 people in West Germany were without electricity, Die Weld continues. Up to 148 millimeters of rain was reported at night: that is, 148 liters of water per square meter.

Floods in Germany, active helicopters

“We do not have a clear picture of how many people have been affected” and “We are looking for those who went missing with helicopters.” North Rhine-Westphalia Minister-Chairman Armin Lacet told reporters in Hagen, one of the worst-hit areas in Germany, that a special cabinet meeting would examine the damage tomorrow. Speaking to Bildt, from Altena’s circle, Lacette defined “Dramatic situation”. The governor expressed his condolences to the two firefighters who lost their lives in the rescue. He also praised the work of the rescuers and the emergency administration in the area.

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Two firefighters were killed

Two firefighters have died in North Rhine-Westphalia, an area equally affected by bad weather. They were 46 and 52 years old and were busy rescuing people who had been dragged into the water.

According to police in Marquesas Greece, the 46-year-old fell into the water after being successfully rescued when he climbed into a fire engine and fled. After a while they were able to save him from the dead. He drowned.

The 52-year-old firefighter died Wednesday evening despite resuscitation and rescue efforts, police said. It had previously collapsed during storm-related work at the power plant. Police consider a health emergency.

Most affected countries – “The city of Hagen has been particularly badly affected by the floods, and no other city has been isolated since yesterday,” Lacette said. , “Electricity is paralyzed” and “there are elderly people who have been evicted from nursing homes”. “But here we can also see an exemplary way – he added – how positive is the cooperation of the forces that have landed on the field for rescue”. “Many have lost their homes There is a lot of damage to businesses that has not yet been quantified, ”he continued. “Tomorrow there will be a special cabinet session to analyze the situation and measure the damage,” the governor announced. “We will not only leave the municipalities, but we will act as land so that we can face the consequences of this catastrophe in unity,” he promised. “Quick help” will be needed. Lacette also confirmed the suspension of the election campaign and the cancellation of scheduled nominations for the presidency.

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Angela Merkel

“I am shocked by the catastrophe that affected so many people in the flooded area,” he said. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who later expressed her condolences to the “families of the victims” and solidarity with the “missing”. Merkel, who is currently working to rescue hundreds of thousands of people stranded by floods in West Germany, thanked “many tireless rescuers” from the bottom of her heart.