June 24, 2024

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How can you save more of your expenses?  HLN and VTM Nieuws help you through the September fiscal month |  money

How can you save more of your expenses? HLN and VTM Nieuws help you through the September fiscal month | money

1 in 3 Flemish people currently have an income that is too low to pay all costs. who appears from Big Money Survey. So, at HLN and VTM Nieuws, we want to help you get through the expensive month of September. You will receive tangible savings advice, financial advice from our experts and direct discounts to take back control of your portfolio. Find out what you can expect below.

Big Money Talk

through us The most interactive debate ever We set fire to top politicians like Bart de Wever and Conner Russo, and tried to find solutions with money experts. You also can vote from the living room. For example, it turns out that 62 percent of Flemish people find it difficult to get money at the end of the month.

Watch an excerpt below. You can watch the full discussion again on VTM GO.

How do you save on groceries, housing and energy?

During the day September financial month We closely monitor the income and expenditure of three Flemish families. Every Wednesday, three financial experts online and in the papers advise them on how to save. During the first week of September, budget expert Sarah Van Wissenbeek offers tips on how to keep your family’s budget in check. For example, how can you save on your grocery purchases at the supermarket?

The following week, real estate specialist Bart van Opstal will focus with families on property prices, mortgages, renewal loans and insurance premiums. How can you make your home energy efficient? In the third week of September, we will focus with families on Fixed costs in our daily life. For example, how do you use less fuel? Kenneth Vancina, director of comparison site Independer, will be helping our families.

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• Tom (40) and Evelyn (38) from Ghent: Tom is a skipper, and Evelyn is a part-time job seeker and goldsmith. Together they have two children. Tom’s salary ranges between 1800 and 2800 euros per month. Evelyn’s allowance is about 1,459.87 euros per month. They find it difficult to balance their expenses because Tom’s wages vary widely.

Erwin Bates (50) from Antwerp: Erwin is a security officer at STIB in Brussels. He is single and lives in an owner flat in Antwerp with his two French Bulldogs. His base net wage is €2,077 per month, possibly supplemented by a bonus for work on weekends and evenings. Erwin would like to save more, but he doesn’t know how.

Vanessa Derricks (42) by Turhut: Vanessa is a full-time energy expert. She is a single mother and has two children. She has a net salary of €2909. A few days ago, she successfully made an offer for her first home in Ostend.

money index

With Geldwijzer from HLN and VTM Nieuws, you can compare your own expenses with those of other Flemish people. How much do others spend, for example, on the shopping cart, the house, and fixed costs? Later this month, you’ll be able to find a money guide on HLN.

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Tom and Evelyn from Ghent also pay attention to the little ones: “The show takes another minute: turn on the tap, close the tap, and rinse the soap.” (+)

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‘Those who shop smart never pay full price for detergent or dishwashing products’: This is how you get the most benefit at the supermarket. (+)

We saw. We already have a panel of experts on energy and purchasing power. Also an advisory committee. Maybe it’s time to take action that makes a difference? (+)