December 5, 2023

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How Tenant Hans makes optimal use of the additional storage space in Assen

How Tenant Hans makes optimal use of the additional storage space in Assen

Early this spring, Storage Share opened a new self-storage location in Assen. If you are moving, need extra space in your home due to the arrival of a baby or want to store company materials: adding a few square meters to store things comes in handy in many situations. Hans, one of the first tenants of the Assen branch, talks about his experiences with Storage Share.


“I originally come from Friesland, but have now lived in Groningen for decades,” explains Hans. “Just like the other northern provinces, this is a great place for those who love peace and space. My friend and I decided to build our energy-neutral home in Norg. It is a big task and of course takes a long time.

Hans hired an architect. The project is now fully underway under the supervision of the contractor. ‘In order to pay the contractor, I had to sell my previous house. I now live temporarily in a rented, furnished house in Gliman from someone who travels the world. I can’t store all my furniture there, so I started looking for a storage place before the summer.’

During his research, Hans investigated several alternatives in the Glimin and Norge area. In the end he chose to share the storage, the Assen site. “The main reason for this is the price.” Compared to other service providers Share storage is cheaper. The location, in the Marsdijk shopping center near Europeweg Noord, is perfect for me. You can get there in no time from exit A28. There is also plenty of parking space. This was very practical, especially when my girlfriend came first and then later with a large amount.’

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Just enter with your own phone
The storage lot features the complete stripping and remodeling of unused commercial premises. Abandoned buildings are thus given a new purpose with a new look. Tenants can choose between storage boxes ranging from 2 to 12 square meters in size and can use their phones inside 24/7.

Hans, who rents a thirty-cubic meter box: “My first impression was immediately positive. The room is very clean and, just as importantly, dry. The service from Storage Share is also good. I couldn’t find the key to my box at first. When I called, I was helped to Immediately.If the elevator fails, they take immediate action.

Hans was now quite used to walking in with his phone. “You can call a number upon arrival and you can only enter through the main entrance. Your personal box Then you unlock it with your private key. This makes it a very secure system. I’m never afraid that someone will touch my stuff. The only downside is that you can’t send someone else to the box for you, like my daughter. Or should I give her my phone.

Hans often does not have access to his furniture and other stored possessions. “This is simply not necessary now.” Since construction will take at least another six months, they will be in good shape for now.

Hans’ advice
Hans is not the only one who has discovered Storage Share Assen since its opening in March 2023. Many individuals and business people from the area have parked their properties there for a few weeks or for an indefinite period. Because leases are flexible, you can cancel at almost any time.

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When his new house is completed, Hans believes he will no longer need the extra storage space. He has advice for sharing storage. ‘There is a spacious elevator in the building. Very practical for moving large furniture. When I moved my stuff in early July, there was only one cart available, but I think it could fit two carts. An extra one seems more efficient to me when loading and unloading. I have already gone through this and received a positive response to my suggestion. “By the time I move into my new home, I expect everything will be sorted,” says Hans with a wink.

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