December 6, 2023

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The theory of relativity of the farmer seeking women

The theory of relativity of the farmer seeking women

Bernice on the beach with her dog. Photo: Lynel Dionk/Farmer Seeking Woman

Since the first election debate on NPO3 took place and all horse lovers had to evaluate the current nitrogen sites, took the trouble to follow the developments in Boerzoek Vrouw. After all, someone has to do it… The first choices have been made and there’s surprising news. But first some physics.

This week it got a real eye-opener: Farmer Seeks Woman takes place in a different timeline. Farmers and their histories experience time very differently from viewers. Now that often happens with TV shows, but in this case it looks completely different from what you would expect. Viewers sleep en masse on the couch, as almost nothing happens to a number of farmers. For example, with the Swedish-Friesian farmer Bernice, who we see silently tidying up the calf’s pen, silently eating lunch, and sitting silently in the garden with her dog while the two candidates for love play a card game inside to pass. get away. Real slow TV.

Most of the letters

But when Yvonne Jaspers forces a moment of choice into the eternally lyrical Swedish woods, at least two of the three men seem to think it’s all happening too quickly. They’ve been there for two days already, time is flying by and they haven’t had a chance to ask a question yet! Yvonne rightly raised an eyebrow, and then Ype-Jacob and Johan admitted that they actually had a chance to do it. But yeah, it wasn’t done. And yes, they love Bernice, but I have no idea if she knows that too. Yvonne looks disapproving. The only person who actually asked questions and was satisfied with them was Yorick, who was immediately sent home. Well, right away, there has to be an intervention from Mim and Yvonne, because Bernice has feelings but she doesn’t understand why. Finally you listen to it. We think Yorick will have received the most messages of the entire season next week. However, he is accepting his departure very well. Bernice seemed to relax a little after that, along with Jacob and Johann.

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friend zone

In Slovakia, horse doctor Marlis is now a “friend” of farmer Richard, leading to an emotional moment. Yvonne tries to console her by saying that the right person is out there somewhere. But thankfully, a just-released web video from Marlys shows that she and her dachshund have now embarked on a whole new adventure in the Ardennes, where she turns 33 (no, we won’t give her that either) He is creating a new clinic for horses. Go Marlys!

Farmer Rob

You’ll have to watch the rest of the episode for yourself to discover Jasmijn’s old soul and find out that Eugenie turns out to be completely wrong. More importantly is what we heard tonight about fruit farmer and dressage horse breeder Rob, who took part in Farmer Seeking Woman last season. Who doesn’t remember a bubble blowing workshop or a city trip in the pouring rain? It seems that the guitar-playing cherry farmer recently submitted a song for the Eurovision Song Contest! “I’m writing a lot of songs at the moment, and there was one that I thought was really suitable for my Eurovision Song Contest,” says Rob. He is convinced that his song “gives people pleasure.” RTL news reports.

Dressage horse breeder Rob during a bubble blowing workshop at the 2022 season. Photo: Linelle Duenk KRO/NCRV

To vote?

We’ll have to recover from this news for a while, but there will be some voting to do soon (regarding the Eurovision Song Contest). And if you haven’t been watching this secret political debate, don’t worry. An overview of De Paardenkrant’s nitrogen sites will be available soon. very useful. Until next week!

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