December 5, 2023

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Who organizes the Christmas craft market?

Who organizes the Christmas craft market?

October 23, 2023 • 11:43 am

Hendrik Ido Ambacht – Christmas market in Ambacht. This was the result of a discussion on the proposal put forward by D66 member Marijke Gomans to give retailers permission to open their doors on Sunday 24 and 31 December this year. Although this did not fit into the coalition agreement, VVD member Dan van den Wallenberg proposed an artisanal Christmas market, as this space was now available on Sundays. The question now remains: Who will organize the Christmas market?

For and by artisans

“A Christmas market can provide many parties with the opportunity to participate and contribute to an event that has something to offer everyone,” says Dan. Obviously, entrepreneurs offer a snack, a drink, or perhaps set up a booth to sell other products. It is also envisaged that social parties, such as hospices, could raise an additional contribution. Cultural partners may wish to present a performance, such as a play or music. “This event can really become an event for and by artisans,” Marijki sums up.


A request to hold an event must be approved by the mayor, but the group’s leaders are looking forward to it with confidence. “A friendly, accessible Christmas market fits right in with Ambacht,” says Dan. “Solidarity in our village is very important. The Christmas market confirms this and also contributes to it. Before anything is approved, the question remains whether the organizer will accept this challenge,” Marijki adds. “We sincerely hope so. The group leaders concluded that this would really add something to Ambacht and could be replicated annually.

Illustrative image: Party leaders Marieke Gomans-Diehn (D66) and Dan van den Wallenberg (VVD) Photo: Cees van Meerten & ‘Pareltjes | Photography’

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