September 27, 2023

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Hugo Segal will release his first single in two weeks: “Say Us Nicole” |  music

Hugo Segal will release his first single in two weeks: “Say Us Nicole” | music

musicThese are exciting times for Hugo Segal, 75. On July 26, the singer and actor will release his first single without Nicole. It will be a tribute to life, but also to his deceased wife, whom he had to say goodbye to unexpectedly in November 2022 after a fatal fall down a flight of stairs.

‘life’. This is what would be called Hugo’s first single. It is a song written entirely for him. “Life can be very hard sometimes. You have to say goodbye to the one you love. But despite all the setbacks, you still have to look forward to the future. Keeping the memories alive, but also enjoying life. How hard it is sometimes, then it’s a song.” Autobiographical, yet with a positive message. That’s why we chose the uptempo number.”

without nicole

The singer is very curious about the audience’s reactions and hopes to be able to play it a lot this summer, as well as on various music shows on TV. “It would be very strange to sing in front of an audience without Nicole, but I’m not afraid.” His stage name is simply Hugo. “But the O says ‘&N,’ a cute reference to my Nicole. She’s always with me anyway. I still wear a necklace with her ashes.” In addition, he also plans to release several songs as a solo artist.

The strength to keep going

Hugo is also full of acting plans. From September 13, he can be seen in the Red Star Line musical for Studio 100, and from mid-December he becomes the master of concert at the Winter Revue. “Working enough, but I don’t mind. Better than sitting at home languishing. It helps me a lot with my healing process, but there are still days when I cry. But Nicole gives me the strength from above to keep going.”

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