December 8, 2023

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The Actors’ Union announces a strike that could cripple the entire industry

The Actors’ Union announces a strike that could cripple the entire industry

High-profile actors like Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt said earlier on the red carpet that the cast would leave the premiere together if the strike was announced. To give the actors a chance to walk the red carpet in front of the cameras and give some interviews, the event was moved up to an hour at the last minute.

Before the start of the film, director Christopher Nolan spoke to the audience. He said the actors “went to get their plates” as the principal actors’ union SAG-AFTRA was about to go on strike.

The American Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) decided Thursday that there will be a strike for actors starting at midnight. Combined with the ongoing strike by screenwriters, this will lead to a complete “lockdown” of Hollywood: almost all American cinematography may cease.

SAG-AFTRA’s negotiations with major film and television studios and streaming services are concerned, among other things, with profit-sharing with actors through streaming services and the introduction of artificial intelligence. Both actors and screenwriters want guarantees and agreements about the use of artificial intelligence in films and series. “We are in danger of being replaced by machines,” says union president and actress Fran Drescher.

About 160,000 actors and entertainment personalities are affiliated with SAG-AFTRA. It wasn’t the first time since 1960 that Hollywood’s screenwriters and actors unions had struck at the same time. The writers’ strike has already delayed dozens of productions, incl White lotusAnd Spider-Man 4And Mission: Impossible 8And Weird things And The last of us.