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‘I’d rather cancel’: Illness deceives ‘Smartest Person’ finalists, but one participant receives preferential treatment |  television

‘I’d rather cancel’: Illness deceives ‘Smartest Person’ finalists, but one participant receives preferential treatment | television

televisionRobin Brunt needed a lot of caffeine-containing medication on Tuesday to be able to compete “The smartest person”. “I would have preferred to cancel, because I still feel sick with the flu,” Mukh said. Jacquot-Brocken also took painkillers for her persistent cold, and Charlotte Adigiri felt “not well” because she was still recovering from the illness. All these medical reports indicate that it will not be a memorable episode. For the star of the show he certainly was.

If “The Smartest Person” nominees had listened to Sciensano’s advice (“Stay home if you’re feeling sick”), there wouldn’t have been Tuesday’s episode. Eric Van Looy, still recovering from an annoying cough, was shocked by the disappointing health bulletins from his interrogators, and summed up the situation in a questionable but kind way: “So the question is: Who’s the sickest here tonight?” Apparently this is Robin. However, the director took most of the medicine, but he still fought bravely on the battlefield. Charlotte as well. She felt sad, but decided to shine. and I did. Eric was impressed, thought she looked beautiful and asked her to stand up to admire her fashionable outfit in all its glory: a slightly sheer but undoubtedly high-quality voile in the form of a wedding dress.

Eric melted and then showed it by giving him slight preferential treatment in order to allow Charlotte to have a greater say later in the test. Much more than, say, Jacquot, who also looked festive, but was the only one on the show who didn’t receive a question about her outfit. When Charlotte could only provide 7 out of 10 answers in the photo round, Eric further encouraged the artist: “Well played, Charlotte, because it wasn’t easy.” Jury member Jan Jaap van der Waals echoed Eric’s admiration, saying: “She is the star of this programme.”

Charlotte Adigiri in “The Smartest Person.” © rack

That could be the case, but it was the silent VRT meteorologist who once again provided the best answers and racked up the most seconds. Jacquot won the victory and the ticket to the semi-finals thanks to a beautiful final race. So the final round was between Charlotte and Robin. During the audition, the director mentioned that he also thought Charlotte had good looks and that he could confidently make her the smartest person. But the nervous rabbit said with a smile that he would do his best to prevent this.

“My energy isn’t very good today, but fortunately Robin isn’t either,” Charlotte laughed gently into her fist – perhaps too kind according to Eric. A question about the planets with the final “we” sound led to the determination that Charlotte could also go to the semi-finals and Robin could go home. “I wasn’t feeling well today,” Charlotte confirmed. Eric nodded but didn’t mind. However, that should get even better on Wednesday, Charlotte, because next comes comedian Alex Agnew. Hopefully, Eric will also say something about the successful Jacquot team, which is still the big champion this season in terms of number of entries.

Jacquot Brocken continues to win
Jacquot Brocken continues to win “Smartest Person”. © RV

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