December 5, 2022

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Cruz Beckham has a new love (it's time for a relationship) |  Famous People

Cruz Beckham has a new love (it’s time for a relationship) | Famous People

Earlier this year, Cruz Beckham seemed to be going the wrong way in love when he broke up with girlfriend Bliss Chapman after 17 months. Bliss is the daughter of former model Rosemary Ferguson, girlfriend of his mother, Victoria Beckham. Then he stated that he wanted to focus mainly on his music career and therefore did not have time for a relationship.

But now things seem to have changed for Beckham’s youngest son. Cruz found love again. This time at Tana Holdings, whom he met at the beginning of this year. It is not yet known how long the two have been together, but a source told The Sun, “They make a very sweet couple together. Tana is down to earth and a lot of fun. She’s also unaffected by Cruise’s fame or legacy. It’s early days but Cruise seems to be smitten with it.” . Besides, Tana won’t feel the need to be in the spotlight either. On the contrary, because the girl prefers to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

It also appears that Tana has already been welcomed by the Beckham family. For example, she and her boyfriend Cruz can fully enjoy the expensive luxury yacht that his parents rent for 2 million euros a week. The photos show that the young couple is definitely having a good time.

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