June 17, 2024

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Q-DJ Matthias Vandenbulcke is happily single, most of the time.  “When I’m drunk I swear on my clothes” |  Nina

Q-DJ Matthias Vandenbulcke is happily single, most of the time. “When I’m drunk I swear on my clothes” | Nina

He takes care of the afternoon (morning) group at Qmusic and you can also see him busy “Play Café” on Play 4. Matthias Vandenbulke (30) isn’t sitting still and he’s happy about it. Although there are points for improvement: He’d rather not get caught in toilets anymore and wants to learn how to keep his clothes on at parties, he reveals in this section where we ask lewd questions to BVs. “If I get less attention, I feel insecure.”

How was your first kiss?

“I played it safe: someone with experience. I was 17 and chose my older brother’s ex-girlfriend. I kept him warm in the family. Then I knew: no more girls from now on.” (He laughs)

Do you like a lot of attention?

“Yes! Since I was a kid, I’ve loved being the center of attention. At family parties, we’ve done these shows, and I always had to be on top. Attention can be addictive. If I get less attention from friends or at work for a while, I can feeling insecure.”

Have you ever checked your partner’s cell phone?

“I only had one real relationship. I didn’t do that, and I never did. If I felt like I couldn’t trust my partner, that person wouldn’t be my partner.”


I still dare to do it in exotic places: the crazier, the better. This makes everything exciting.

Matthias Vandenbulke

What do you find lustful?

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“Champagne and oysters, and a big, handsome Italian with a good jaw. You can choose to order yourself.”

When I’m drunk…

“…I rustle my clothes. Maybe it’s a good feature in some cases, but most don’t like it very much. (He laughs) When a certain song is playing and I’m getting really hot, I think: mrauw, take off my shirt. Although this only happens at parties at friends’ houses.

What did you spend so much money on?

On plane tickets. My best friend and I missed our flight from Marrakesh last year, so we had to rebook. Expensive joke 400 euros per person. We didn’t let it get to our hearts. During the trip we ordered four types of gins and tonics. all!”


I’m not sure I want kids. I once had a cat, but I couldn’t take good care of it, so I left it with friends. This worries me.

Matthias Vandenbulke

What are you unsure of?

“Will I ever want kids. I had a cat for a year and a half that I loved so much, but couldn’t take very good care of him, so I left him with friends. It worries me. I just don’t want to raise kids either. Yes, with a partner, but therein lies the The problem: I’m happy on my own, most of the time.”

What crazy place have you been?

“I got stuck in the bowling toilets. Since then I no longer dare to go to that bowling alley. I still dare to do it in strange places: the crazier, the better. That makes everything exciting.”

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Have you ever peed your pants?

“For Qmusic, I’m recording an online TikTok challenge with fellow Shauni, where we mimic tricks. But they always fail. It makes for hilarious moments, even tears. I also have complete control of my bladder muscles.”

How many points do you give yourself out of ten?

“Nice eight out of ten, because I’m happy with how things are going now. But there’s room for improvement. Like counting over ten before I speak: I’m direct and impulsive. Then I think: Now I’ve overreacted. And I’m also (very) stubborn.”

Which famous person would you like to spend a night with?

“I think singer Shawn Mendes is very hot, but I have no idea if he can party well. If it was for dancing, I would choose Miley Cyrus. I think she knows what a good party means. I still celebrate life regularly and love to go out as a bachelor.”

Every week, NINA puts a huge buzz on a famous Flemish person by asking them daring questions. In their answers, they reveal aspects or stories that we have not heard about before.

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