June 2, 2023

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The candidate got an important advantage in “Destination X”, but still had to leave: “I really don’t get it”

© vtm

Destination X falls into repetition. Because just like last week, the loser had an advantage during the match, but he couldn’t use it when placing x. Moreover, it turned out that the bus was very close to Belgium.

Last week was the end of the story for Zeno, on Monday the curtain fell on his friend Emil (24, Lubem). It was exciting for all of the candidates anyway. After their overnight visit to Venice, a 15-hour blind bus ride awaited them, allowing them to sit anywhere in Europe. The final destination for this episode was Zeche Zollverein, one of the largest coal mines in Europe, located in Essen, in the Ruhr region, Germany. It was closed for environmental reasons, and coal was not brought in for years. The site has been given a new purpose as an impressive event site. Although Emiel manages to gain a significant advantage, he puts his X far from the destination. “I really don’t understand. Well, I’m going home. Have pints with Zeno,” it sounded as he got off the bus.

Although Emiel manages to gain a significant advantage, he puts his X far from the destination.© VTM

In this episode, among others, the singing qualities of the participants were judged. According to an international jury, Dorien gave the best singing performance, giving her the advantage. But this was a dilemma: enjoy the horizon for a minute or get an advantage that could be worth gold with a little patience. She chose the latter, which meant she had to give an opinion to a candidate of her choice. This became Emiel, who was the only person who could peek at the site. He got another surprise: the totem indicated the direction of five previous exit locations. But it was in vain… Jeff, who came on the bus only later, had nothing to fear. Thanks to a game he won, he landed a ground ball with an X at the designated exit location.

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