June 18, 2024

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in the picture.  Rained-out BVs at the premiere of 'Our Nature' |  Movie

in the picture. Rained-out BVs at the premiere of ‘Our Nature’ | Movie

Our Nature, the Movie is an aspiring nature documentary about the wonderful world of nature in our backyard. in all its glory. Fascinating stories about animals known and unknown, that come face to face on the big screen, that raise eyebrows and increase love and respect for our nature. This is the story of the victors, the opportunists, the eaters, the fighters, the clever ones, the bosses. But also those of losers, the types we may not encounter in a few years…a temperamental nature. This family movie wants to make us wonder and learn how to be so proud of all the beauty around us.

Matteo Simone lends his voice to this nature documentary. “I was very honored, because I thought they would choose an older man who had a certain voice,” the actor said, thus “following” in the “footsteps” of legendary British vocalist David Attenborough. “It was really a quest for the right tone, but I recorded it as pure and calm as possible. And I also learned a lot about our beautiful nature. Now when I am walking in the woods with my daughter, I can explain everything.”

Our Nature, The Movie will be released in cinemas from September 21.

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