June 18, 2024

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Telnet breaks silence after 'Table of Four' controversy awakens: 'What happened there is simply wrong' |  showbiz

Telnet breaks silence after ‘Table of Four’ controversy awakens: ‘What happened there is simply wrong’ | showbiz

TelevisionThe launch of Geert Verholst’s new talk show “The Table of Four” has already done a lot. Immediately after the first episode, controversy arose due to the use of the n-word several times during a discussion about “wakeness culture”. after, after Apologies from the host and Response from SBS BelgiumTelenet is now also heard on LinkedIn. “It’s horrible that this can still happen today,” he said.

Telenet is the owner of SBS Media, the parent company of All Play Channels. Play4, the channel on which the “Table of Four” can be seen, is also part of this. So a response from the company was inevitable. “What happened at the ‘Table of Four’ was wrong. Let’s be very clear about it. Open the discussion without taboos. We are very much in favor of it. But we draw our boundaries when necessary,” says a large-scale message on LinkedIn.

Telenet continues that, in their opinion, a quiet discussion can only take place in a safe environment, with a variety of speakers and opinions around the table. “We also strongly condemn the use of the n-word and hate that this can happen today. It also caused a lot of indignation within the walls of Telenet. The lack of understanding that followed the incident shows that there is still much to learn.”

Valuable insights

“It is not up to the majority to judge what is harmful to minority groups. However, it is the task of listening carefully, respecting boundaries, and thus actively contributing to an inclusive society in which everyone feels welcome.”

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It is of paramount importance to the company that everyone is treated with respect and can be themselves. “We are gradually learning and enhancing our approach to diversity and inclusion. We followed the discussion that followed the broadcast with eyes and ears open. We are grateful to the critical voices for their valuable insights and will take their comments into account to improve our policy.”

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