June 18, 2024

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The pubic area of ​​Eric Van Looy and Delphine Lecombet's dance moves: This was the 'smartest person in the world'

The pubic area of ​​Eric Van Looy and Delphine Lecombet’s dance moves: This was the ‘smartest person in the world’

Tonight’s winner:

excerpt from Gucci House Help Delphine Lecompte to victory.


After an exciting final, Jonas Geirnaert has to leave the game. Eva de Roux played it home with one major word on Kim Clijsters.

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Tomorrow night’s newcomer:

Singer, actor and asparagus jockey Jill Clemens.

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Best quotes:

Delphine Lecompte: “I had my first picture. Unfortunately, he was of dying old age. But one has to be content with what one gets.”


Van Loi: “Jury, do you find sweat exciting?”

Margaret Hermans: “I do. I stick my nose regularly in my partner’s pubic area. Delicious, Eric, you must try it.”

Bucky D Ripper: “This is the best day of my life.”


Van Loi: “Bucky, do you have any jokes with words?”

Bucky D Ripper: “What is the name of that politician with his sexually transmitted diseases? Junor Rousseau.”


Van Loi: “I eat mouse dung almost every day. I sprinkle that everywhere.”

Lycompti: “Also in the pubic area?”

Van Loi: “Not when Margaret is around.”

The most beautiful moment:

Justin Bieber gave “big energy” with his dance moves, so it was up to the candidates to try and match that. Obviously, Delphine LeCompte had to get out of her comfort zone, after which the jury rewarded her with ten seconds. She was happy, but “her literary credibility is now ruined.”

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