June 18, 2024

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Powerful Confession of Gilly Clemens and Voldemort as a Husband: This Was 'The Smartest Person'

Powerful Confession of Gilly Clemens and Voldemort as a Husband: This Was ‘The Smartest Person’

A well-filled episode of “The Smartest Person”, in which we learned not only from the answers of the candidates. Jelle Cleymans makes a solid confession, Erik Van Looy introduces teammate Hans Ziegl, who gives the audition in Germany, and Astrid Coppens was married to Voldemort.

Tuesday Night Winner:

Jill Clemens wins upon his return.


Delphine Lecompte had only one tactic in the final: give as many correct answers as possible. That wasn’t enough to beat Eva de Roux.

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Wednesday night’s newcomer:

Bart Kanerts.

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Best quotes:

Gilly Clemens plays a man with syphilis in the promotional film “The Smartest Human.” Eric Van Lowe: “Have you done research on it?”

Clemens: “I called James Cook.”


James Cook and William Boeva ​​are members of the jury, but they’ve known each other for a while. Boeva: “I even played in a musical.”

cook: “Yes, at Pippi Longstocking. There were two crooks in it, and I gave him a name.”

Boeva: “Yes, Crook A.”


strong confession from Clemens: “It’s the first time I’ve said it but I love it By train to Ostend Terrible number. I’ve only quarreled with Gert Verhulst once, and it was about that. I really didn’t like it. And I still think so. But if you do it now, and see everyone having fun, I don’t think it’s a problem anymore.”

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The most beautiful moment:

Astrid Coppins is allowed to ask a question about Harry Potter and the books and movies she loves. “I am such a big fan that I have been married to one of the main characters for seven years,” in which a photo with Voldemort appears. A reference to her ex-husband John Bryan. “I can recommend it to everyone,” she concludes.

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1 Jonas Gernert (5 episodes)

2 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

3 Eva De Roux (3 episodes)

4 Geert Verholst (2 episodes)

5 Ella Laers (2 episodes)