April 21, 2024

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‘India concludes Google has abused power for Android market share’ – Tablets and Phones – News

An Indian antitrust investigation concluded that Google had abused its power to suppress competing smartphone operating systems with Android. This investigation has not yet been announced, but Reuters has already seen it.

India’s competition commission concluded after two years of investigation that Google had “reduced the ability and incentive of manufacturers to develop and sell devices running alternative versions of Android” by using its “great financial power”.

Reuters quotes Moreover, CCI believes that mandatory pre-installation of Google apps on Android smartphones is “equivalent to imposing unfair competition on manufacturers” which is a violation of Indian competition law.

Although Reuters had access to the 750-page report, Google has yet to receive it, according to news sources. During the investigation, he answered the researchers’ questions and defended himself 24 times. In addition, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi were questioned by the investigative committee. After the final completion of the investigation, Google will be given a chance to defend itself, after which a possible fine or other penalty will be imposed. Google can also appeal the penalties.

Android is said to work on 98 percent of smartphones in India, according to Counterpoint Research, citing Reuters. Statistics counter lift it 95.8%.

Google is often at odds with governments over competition. The tech giant received fines 500 million euro, 220 million Euro and 102 million euro. He obtained it in France and Italy. In 2017, the European Commission imposed a large fine of 2.42 billion euros To prefer Google Shopping in Google search.