April 16, 2024

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Infection no longer leads: this is the approach of the new corona in the fall

Infection no longer leads: this is the approach of the new corona in the fall

The number of infections no longer leads to corona measures as of September 25th. Since a large part of the people in the Netherlands have been vaccinated, the coronavirus can be treated differently, interim Minister de Jong wrote in the newspaper. Latest message to Parliament. “Less and fewer measures are needed. Meanwhile, the healthcare chain remains under pressure.” This means that there will be a different approach for the fall: the indicators of corona measures will be hospitalization and IC, rather than the number of infections.

Bee the approach There are two main things: to vaccinate as many people as possible in the community, and to spread the infection to people who do not have enough immunity so that the pressure on health care does not become too high.

From the fall, there will be three scenarios: ‘endemic condition’ (virus can be controlled, little stress on care), ‘revival’ and ‘breakthrough immunity’ (acquired immunity no longer provides adequate protection). Three levels (vigilant, alarming or serious) have been developed for the “rises” scenario, which the government believes is the most likely. These are the leading measures.

What level we have come to relates to an average of seven days of admission to the International Center and hospital admission. In combination with a number of other factors, such as the number of people vaccinated and the space available in the IC.

Below you can see, for example, with 40 to 100 hospitalizations, we are at a level of concern: