May 30, 2023

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“Intel is considering raising product prices by up to 20 percent” – Computer – News

Nikkei Asia says Intel will increase the prices of its products this fall. One source says a twenty percent price increase has been mentioned, although it may be lower for other products. The company wants to raise the majority of prices.

Chip industry executives say the chip maker will now inform customers of upcoming price hikes against Nikkei Asia. It may relate to products such as CPUs for both personal computers and servers, but also other components, such as WiFi chips.

Intel is said to have not yet decided how much to raise prices. It is assumed that the company does not want to increase all prices in the same proportion. One source says that while some products are likely to be a little more expensive, other products can go up by 10, 20 percent or more.

Nikkei Asia indicates that the market has an uncertain future and it is difficult to set prices for products. On the other hand, many things in the supply chain are becoming more expensive, such as materials, freight, and labor. High inflation means that customers have less to spend on products. Intel said it is already investigating price increases in the quarterly numbers. The company now confirms that these price increases have been reported to customers within the sector.

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