January 29, 2023

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Is the side parting back?  The hairstylist answers: “It can create a mysterious look” |  Nina

Is the side parting back? The hairstylist answers: “It can create a mysterious look” | Nina

Whoever thought that a side part in your hair would never be trendy again is in luck. Reality star Kim Kardashian is proudly showing off her new hairstyle on social media, and she’s not alone. Actresses Zendaya and Sidney Sweeney also dropped midfield. Will we be back soon with the haircut that millennials made fun of? The reaction of hairstylist Nils Digos of the Costa del Capsalon in Antwerp.

Kim Kardashian shows off on her Instagram account a new haircut that is giving many teens nightmares: the side part. The hairstyle was discussed a lot last year and became ridiculed on TikTok. General Z (People born after 1996 edition). You have reached the millennial generation (both born between 1980 and 1995) During the mud because of their love for the side part.

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Many millennials are now reacting indignantly to the news that “Kim Kardashian is going to make a side parting trendy again.” Comments like “the side part never went away” and “I’ve been wearing my hair this way for over thirty years, Kim Kardashian doesn’t deserve credit for that” have already gone through on Twitter.

On the other hand, General Zerse is less pleased with this news. According to them, this look is long gone and “nobody looks better with a side part than with a center part.” Tweets like “Kim Kardashian can’t get me to wear a side part again” and “We shouldn’t let Kim Kardashian influence people to wear a side part again”.

“These teens are fine.”

Despite this, many Generation Z celebrities have already been spotted with a side parting like Sidney Sweeney, Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy. And the list of celebrities does not stop there. Lindsay Lohan, Gal Gadot and Emma Stone also opted for the haircut again.

Will the hairstyle really become trending again? The opportunity is there, according to hairstylist Nils Digos of Antwerp’s Costa del Capsalon. “If Kim Kardashian continues to wear her haircut in her daily life, I think the side parting will come back to pop culture,” he says. “I don’t know to what extent, but if Kim appears multiple times with a side part at parties or a red carpet, the haircut could become more popular. These teens are changing their minds about the hairstyle. (Laugh) “

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“However, I do not think that the long term infection The one everyone used to walk around with will be back,” Niels continues. “What crooked fur, that’s true. squat. (Laugh) But I’m a fan of the same side parting. With a center part, you keep your eyesight and face very open, but with a side part that protects your face. It can create a mysterious look. Think of Violet’s haircut from the children’s movie “The Incredibles.” So I think the return will also depend on how people feel.”


Make no mistake, there are plenty of people who walk around with a side part.

Nils Digos, hairstylist on the Costa del Capsalon

“It is true that clients have requested more of the center’s sections in recent years,” says Niels. “But the side parting hasn’t quite gone away. Some people can’t cut a center part because it just doesn’t work for them. For example, if you have a weather brush in the front and/or back of your hair, the center part may always fall back into a side part. So make no mistake, there’s Lots of people always hanging around with a side part.”

If you want to try a side parting yourself, according to Niels, it’s best to let your hair wet dry in a side part, then it will stay in place better. “If you let your hair air dry in a center part and then section it into a side part, it will soon return to the center on its own. I also recommend brushing your hair to help keep your locks in place.”


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