February 6, 2023

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Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny says he’s not getting enough medical care: Doctors start petition | Abroad

Navalny was supposed to take part in three hearings about his prison system from his cell via video link on Wednesday, his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said, but immediately asked for them to be postponed for health reasons. The reprieve was granted to the 46-year-old opposition leader.

Navalny suffers from fever, chills and cough, but he has to fight a “fierce battle” to obtain even “essential medicines”. “It took me four days to get more hot water,” his team quoted him as saying. He also complains about the administration’s refusal to transfer him to the prison’s medical ward. Putin is still trying to kill Navalny, but discreetly and slowly.

Meanwhile, nearly 500 Russian doctors have signed a striking Facebook petition calling on Putin to “stop the abuse” and provide Navalny with necessary medical care.
On Monday, Navalny announced that he had been transferred to solitary confinement for the tenth time, on December 31. Putin’s opponent was arrested in January 2021 at the airport in the Russian capital. He was returning from Berlin, where he was being treated for Novichok poisoning.

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