May 29, 2023

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Jennifer Aniston gets hurt by pregnancy speculation |  Famous

Jennifer Aniston gets hurt by pregnancy speculation | Famous

Jennifer Aniston often wonders why people enjoy scolding others. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she described this behavior as “a cruel aspect of our society.”

Although the documentary about Britney Spears and the new series about Monica Lewinsky now take a more critical look at how women are treated in the media, the actress doesn’t see much improvement. “How the tabloids and the media handled people’s personal lives back then is what normal people do on social media now. It’s as if the tabloids have handed the baton to every Jan Kwok behind a computer screen who insults others in the comments. I am so much I wonder what people get from that.”

I have always found speculation about her life unpleasant. “I haven’t seen the tabloid in a long time. Still pregnant with twins? Will I be a gorgeous 52-year-old mom?” More seriously, she says that such rumors affected her in the past. “Personally, I took this very seriously—particularly the pregnancy speculation and that’s always ‘she prefers her career over children.’ And then I was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on with me; personally, medically speaking, why I don’t have children can I. They get? They don’t know anything about you, and that was very painful and disgusting.”

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