February 21, 2024

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Jürgen (45) was the only supporter of KV Kortrijk in Charleroi: "I'm not a herd animal" (Kortrijk)

Jürgen (45) was the only supporter of KV Kortrijk in Charleroi: “I’m not a herd animal” (Kortrijk)

The only fan: It was a crazy sight at the Charleroi football stadium. Other KVK supporters responded to the boycott due to the start time. © Photo News


KVK supporters have previously announced that they will not attend Tuesday’s match in Charleroi. The reason was the start time. But one man did not agree: Jürgen Vanbrabant (45 years old). He was the only one who encouraged his team in Charleroi.

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He had heard of the boycott of the KVK supporters’ clubs, Jürgen. But really, the Kortrijk native did what he felt like. “I live in Ghent,” he says. “Baiting a Charleroi is not difficult for me. I am not a herd animal. I wanted to watch the game and I just did it. Am I a fanatic? A fanatical supporter, that is.”

In everyday life, the former Kortrijkzaan is a talented plastic artist. Going through life like Brant (be). “You can call football an outlet. I usually go alone. I don’t mind, because I make friends or know people right away. I also travel to Kortrijk on my own, but I immediately meet people I know there.”

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Jurgen did not think the match itself was great at first: “The first half was rather boring. The KV Kortrijk players did their best in the second half. Me too, because I hardly have a voice now.”

Jürgen immediately returned to Gent after the match. But not before he disguises himself in his fans’ red shirt. “I wore a black long-sleeved shirt. It seemed better to me.”

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