July 20, 2024

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Kate Middleton’s stylist accuses Princess Delphine of plagiarism: ‘shameless copycat’ |  Property

Kate Middleton’s stylist accuses Princess Delphine of plagiarism: ‘shameless copycat’ | Property

PropertyAfter the national holiday on Friday, there was some controversy over the dress Princess Delphine wore. She wore an outfit very similar to that of Britain’s Princess Catherine – better known as Kate Middleton – during Trooping the Color. The designer of the green dress is now accusing Princess Delphine of plagiarism.

look. Did Princess Delphine imitate the dress of British Princess Kate? Judge for yourself.

Britain’s future queen, Princess Kate, wore a green dress by designer Andrew GN at the traditional Trooping the Color ceremony earlier this summer. On Friday, on Belgium’s national holiday, Princess Delphine appeared in a self-designed print dress by Atelier ExC. But it was noticeable that the silhouette, placement of buttons and pockets were very reminiscent of Kate’s dress.

This was also noticed by the designer Andrew Gn himself, who took to social media indignantly. He captioned a picture of Delphine: “This dress is a shameful copy of me.”

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pure coincidence?

Conscious copy or coincidence? we asked an expert. “The resemblance between Delphine’s gown and Kate’s gown is really striking if you think about it,” says royal fashion expert Jelka van Duys. “The round neckline, the description of the buttons, the position of the pockets… look remarkably alike. However, I am convinced that all these similarities are pure coincidence, and this is also confirmed by Atelier ExC, who designed Delphine’s clothes. Both dresses are based on a very classic style in the world of fashion, namely that of Chanel. So it is a bit hypocritical for Andrew Gn to accuse Atelier Exc of plagiarism when he himself was not really original with his own design.”

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Kate has the same taste

“I want to congratulate Kate because she has such good taste,” adds designer Judy Van Gert, who helped Princess Delphine. “For Princess Delphine’s dress, we took inspiration from Chanel’s ’60s style. Both the designer of Kate’s dress and Atelier XC copied some of the best. So it’s pure coincidence that the dresses are similar. And there really are differences, like the ruffles on Princess Delphine’s dress.”

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