December 9, 2022

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Kathleen Aerts Hunts for Talent in New 'Reggie Academy' Season: 'I Won't Be Like Marcel Vanzelt' |  showbiz

Kathleen Aerts Hunts for Talent in New ‘Reggie Academy’ Season: ‘I Won’t Be Like Marcel Vanzelt’ | showbiz

TelevisionWhile these days Flanders are screaming en masse along with Out of my head, Regi Academy’s winner Pauline’s summer single, the same Regi (46) is already preparing to search for her successor. and find. The second season of “Regi Academy” is coming soon on VTM2. Cool novelty: Regi takes former K3 singer Kathleen Ayarts (44) to track down this new sonic diamond.

“Reggie and I have been good friends for years, so I know exactly what he wants. We are not only looking for the most beautiful and unique sound, but also for the one that can completely control the Sportpaleis and turn it upside down,” says Kathleen, who will be leaving her home in South Africa for a while. “I am definitely looking forward to discovering new talents. There can only be one part of the Regi family. They are either in or out (laughs).” Gap Recima, who has previously scored massive hits with Reggie, and Lester Williams, his right and left hand, will advise and assist Reggie in searching for the sound of his next hit.

Villa in Marbella

This time, the candidates’ adventure begins in the trendy, sunny city of Marbella. There, candidates for the Academy become not only competitors to each other, but also each other’s roommates. They live together intensively in a luxurious villa, where they form part of the “Regi family” and the knockout race begins. With the cameras in their wake, the lucky ones in the villa are trained by Reggie and his team and put to the test through workshops, trials, and unexpected tests. Only one person will occupy a place in that “family”.

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“My bar is pretty high anyway, but Pauline sang even louder during my first ‘Reggie Academy’. I hope I can get back into the studio with talent of that level. I’m looking for someone with a unique voice, strong personality and a ‘cool’ look, who fits right next to me and in Sportpaleis is vibrant,” explains Reggie.

Is he happy that Kathleen has joined the adventure? “Sure,” Reggie explains. “Kathleen has not only destroyed the Palais des Sports a few times, thanks to her experience she is a great coach for the candidates and a dream member of the jury. And with Kempen’s cheerful sense of humor, we will have fun in Marbella!”

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