February 5, 2023

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King cancels visit to America due to pneumonia, Maxima will go |  Domestically

King cancels visit to America due to pneumonia, Maxima will go | Domestically

King Willem-Alexander canceled a work trip to the United States to recover from pneumonia, the government information service said. Queen Maxima will go.

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will not be participating in a working visit to California and Texas from September 6-9, 2022. This was decided on medical advice’, the Government Information Services Department has just written. According to the service, taking a flight would hamper the monarch’s recovery. His activities in the Netherlands will continue on a limited scale.

This will be the monarch’s first intercontinental state visit since her visit to Indonesia in March 2020, at the start of the corona crisis. Meanwhile, Willem-Alexander visited Germany, Norway and Austria in June this year.

Strong cough

Yesterday the King visited the asylum seeker center in Der Abele and spoke to asylum seekers. A remnant of pneumonia stopped Willem-Alexander Not since visiting the Groningen application center, which has dominated the news for months. He coughed violently and apologized to the Doctors Without Borders nurse.

In the US, the royal couple will visit the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco, where there are many gay clubs and bars. A meeting is planned there with residents pledging equal rights for LGBT people. San Francisco last summer became the first city in the world to declare a monkey-box emergency. Health officials there wanted to get the vaccine in soon.

Also, travel is mainly dominated by economic ties. The Netherlands is Texas’ largest EU trading partner, along with California’s Silicon Valley and tech giants such as Meta and Google.

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For example, yesterday, King wanted to know what the crisis was doing to COA staff: