April 21, 2024

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Kings.  Princess Diana's girlfriend no longer wants to cooperate with ...

Kings. Princess Diana’s girlfriend no longer wants to cooperate with …

Jemima Khan, good friend of the late Princess Diana, you no longer wish to participate in the creation of the crownEpisodes of season five. She feels that the Princess of Wales story is not being presented as respectfully as she had hoped, she says in response to Sunday times. In 2019, she pledged to help shape Diana’s story because she felt it was very important to “accurately portray her later years, as has not always happened in the past”. Now backs off disappointed. Fun fact: Khan was in a relationship with Peter Morgan, the creator of the popular series. The two separated earlier this year.

Jemima Khan © ISOPIX

On December 7, the Dutch Crown Prince Amalia Amalia Eighteen years will be celebrated on a large scale with our northern neighbors with at least two television specials. Avro Tros transmitter provides a private address on the same day Amalia 18 years oldA documentary that delves into the life of the royal couple’s eldest daughter. In it, our compatriot Edward Vermeulen from the fashion house Nathan, the clothes in which Amalia is often seen, were discussed. Net5 stop it Princess Amalia: a teenager on her way to the throne. The final show will air on December 6 and allow people close to the teen to talk to paint a portrait of the future queen.

Princess Amalia

Princess Amalia © ISOPIX

It’s here at last: Princess Charlene He returned to Monaco after six months. According to the German tabloid, picture The royal boarded a private plane bound for Europe last Sunday evening in Durban. “The princess is in good spirits and looks forward to returning home,” a spokeswoman said at the time. South Africa has spent the past few months back home, claiming to recover from a mysterious procedure. However, many have speculated that there is a hair in the middle between the princess and her husband, Prince Albert. In the photos the palace shared, everything looked like a piece of cake while back.

You probably didn’t miss the news in Belgium this week: a new brand princess dolphin Participate in dancing with the stars, Dance competition with Flemish celebrities which will soon be shown on Play4. According to him, the royal family was contacted already two years ago, but it was not suitable. “When they asked me again this year, I initially thought I shouldn’t have said no with more respect. But I soon realized that I was acting out of fear of the unknown. Before I knew it, I faced that fear and said yes.” With her participation, the Belgian – with limited experience in wedding dances – wants to put the charitable organization Make-a-Wish in the spotlight and make the boy’s dream come true.

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Does your dog get a gift under the Christmas tree every year? Then you can delight your four-legged friend with a toy, accessory or pillow from the Queen. Yes, British Queen Elizabeth II has a big animal heart and her own pet line. It is exclusive for sale via Official Store from the palace. Think tartan check designs in noble green tones, pink blankets with prints and Buckingham Palace collars. There are also items for sale for cat lovers. Prices fluctuate between 4.95 and 95 pounds, converted respectively 5.80 and 111 euros.

The second day of the state visit to King Willem Alexander employment Queen Maxima To Norway with a concert by a Dutch cellist. Máxima wore a very bold dress with ‘scrapsDesigned by designer Claes Iverson. The light blue dress has micro perforations along the lengthPolished with gold rings and a gold buckle at the waist. The back of the dress has a slit.