June 18, 2024

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Size Surprise: Netflix Adds Extra Episode of 'The Sandman' |  showbiz

Size Surprise: Netflix Adds Extra Episode of ‘The Sandman’ | showbiz

TelevisionA surprise for fans of the new fantasy series The Sandman, which can be watched on the live streaming service. He unexpectedly added the eleventh episode of the show: “A Dream of a Thousand Cats / Calliope.”

“Let’s surprise the fans,” Netflix must have thought. The streaming service unexpectedly released an additional episode of the hit series “The Sandman” to fans. The two-part bonus episode is an adaptation of two different comics: “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope”.

The Sandman is the much-awaited film in the 75-episode comedy series Neil Gaiman. The cast includes “Game of Thrones” stars Gwendolyn Christie (43) and Charles Dance (75). “Harry Potter” actors David Thewlis, 59, Tom Sturridge, 36, and “Doctor Who” actress Gina Coleman, 36, are also present.

Gaiman, the creator of the comics, previously mentioned to “Entertainment Weekly” that the original intention was to release eleven episodes. This could explain this unexpected shift.

the story

The fairy tale began in 1916, when the main character Morpheus, also known as The Dream, was captured. Seventy years later, he managed to break free. He is ready to take back what was taken from him and ready to restore his power and kingdom to glory. The dream is the king of dreams. He can not only make people dream, but also control them.

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