December 8, 2022

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Keukengeheimen: de 5 beste tips volgens professionals

Kitchen Secrets: Top 5 Tips According to the Pros

LUMINA gray kitchen – target price €4.632 (including electrical and plumbing appliances)

A new kitchen (pun intended) takes up quite a bit of your renovation or construction budget. So it’s better to do well. To help you shape your dreams, kitchen expert ixina heard from a few employees with years of experience on the ground and boiled down all of that information into a set of tips: 5 Steps on the Road to Your Kitchen. to dream.

Ixina - Top 5 Tips According to the Professionals

VOGUE kitchen in gray – target price €4,496 (including electrical appliances and sanitary ware).

Tip 1: Get the Holy Trinity at home

Are you impatient to wait for your appointment with the kitchen specialist and want to start planning on your own? Then definitely keep the culinary triangle in mind. According to this golden rule, the stove, refrigerator and sink should be connected in an imaginary triangle. The mutual distance may not be greater than 1.5m. If the space only allows for a long kitchen against the wall, work according to the logical workflow of “getting, rinsing, cutting and cooking,” so first the refrigerator, then the sink and worktop and finally the stove.

Ixina - Top 5 Tips According to the Professionals

Drawer with prefabricated compartments.

Tip 2: Go on

Cutlery drawers are no stranger to the kitchen. We’re also familiar with a drawer under the oven for storing dishes and large, flat baking trays. But feel free to go a little further! While the drawers are a bit more expensive than regular shelving units, they more easily make up for them. For example, stairs are not only more comfortable – you pull everything towards you instead of bending and stowing – it’s also more noticeable. With the drawer you can actually see everything from the top, or from the side in the case of a large drugstore cupboard, and no glass or cup is pushed into the no-man’s-land at the back of the cabinet. To keep cups, plates and other kitchen items in place, you can work with non-slip mats, pre-made compartments, or the principle of a horizontal grate board.

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Ixina - Top 5 Tips According to the Professionals

VELVET kitchen in blue Fjord – target price €11,399 (including electrical appliances and sanitary facilities)

Tip 3: Work creatively

There was a time when natural stone was the pinnacle of elegance and luxury. Although these exude a classic aesthetic, dekton and ceramic worktops keep up with this polished step without a problem, with the added convenience of baking on top of that. Because this innovative material is not only more resistant to scratching and abrasion, it is also more resistant to oils or spills and does not shrink when placed in a hot pot or frying pan directly from the fire. Dikton’s combination of glass, porcelain, and quartz is also stronger than popular composite table tops.

Ixina - Top 5 Tips According to the Professionals

Soft sand VELVET kitchen – target price 17,219 € (including electrical and plumbing appliances)

Tip 4: Be the smartest

One of people’s biggest annoyances about their old kitchen is the lack of space. Very little storage space, workshop, freedom of movement, … In short, it should be bigger. Or is he? Maybe you just need to be smarter! Consider a stove that is 80cm wide instead of 60cm, so that you can use all the fires at the same time without the large pots pushing each other away from the stove. Choose a smart anti-fingerprint coating on the fronts, as with ixina’s Velvet Kitchen, to cut down on cleaning hours. And don’t place the cutlery drawer near the stove, because the cook and helper will get in the way of each other while setting the table, causing irritation. Unless of course you prefer to do all the work on your own.

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Ixina - Top 5 Tips According to the Professionals

LUNA white kitchen – target price 3,887 € (including electrical and plumbing)

Tip 5: Speak dirty (money)

Although this tip comes last, it’s actually the starting point for everything: the budget. At ixina you will find kitchens from 3000€ to 40.000€, so anything is possible. Therefore, communicate openly about your budget so that you can immediately start dreaming in the right direction. After all, no one benefits from falling for such an unattainable Pinterest ideal. There are many options on the market and a kitchen expert will find the right kitchen expert to make your dream kitchen come true and still have enough budget to fill that new fridge.

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