May 28, 2024

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Konami postpones major eFootball 2022 update and cancels paid content – Games – News

Konami is postponing the v1.0.0 Content Update and the mobile version of eFootball 2022 to Spring 2022. In addition, the paid Premium Player package will be cancelled. Customers who pre-order dlc for free game will get their money back automatically.

Version 1.0 of eFootball 2022 was scheduled to be released on November 11 this year, but According to Konami The planned content has not yet reached the required quality level. The publisher and developer are currently working on a promised Creative Teams game mode that will be introduced with the update. In addition, eFootball 2022 will have a cross-play and mobile platform release; which has also been postponed to the spring of 2022.

Only when the relevant update is released, players can use the paid content from the Premium Player Pack. Customers can purchase in-game currency and a new look for eight different football players for approximately €40. Anyone who has already purchased the DLC will need to download and install the game again, except for the Steam version of eFootball 2022.

Presumably, Konami first wants to make sure that all the contents of the upcoming update are OK because of a file Exceptional amount of criticism Whoever received the game. After the release of Free Pro Evolution Soccer successor In September, the game was criticized by reviewers and players due to the extremely limited content and technical condition of the game. According to steam tracker eFootball 2022 is the worst-rated game on the platform so far.