July 23, 2024

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Konami releases major update for eFootball 2022 on April 14 – Games – News

Konami is releasing Content Update v1.0.0 on April 14 for eFootball 2022. The update includes a new and revised gameplay and a mode where players can “build their perfect team”.

Initially, the update was supposed to be released last November. Then it was postponed to the spring of this year, because Konami thought that the update “You have not yet met the quality requirements”† Konami received a lot of criticism for Status of eFootball 2022† For example, there were issues with movie scenes, facial expressions, player movements, and ball behavior. The developer apologized and said it “takes all concerns very seriously”.

Konami says it is now happy with the status of the update And announced the release date. The update includes improved gameplay. This would make it easier for the player to defend. Also, after the update, AI players should take the ball and pass it better.

Furthermore, Konami will add a Dream Team mode, which was previously known as Creative Teams. In Dream Team, players can create their own team with their favorite players and coaches.

The mobile version of eFootball 2022 has been postponed again. It is not known when it will appear. Konami promises to provide more information “soon”.

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