May 24, 2024

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KV Mechelen advances to second place after beating KV Oosten...

KV Mechelen advances to second place after beating KV Oosten…


KV Mechelen beat KV Oostende 2-4 on Match Day 13 in the Jupiler Pro League. Hugo Kuipers punished the Ostend defenders after 25 minutes of fumbling, and Karim Merabti scored 0-2 before the end of the first half. Five minutes later, in the second half, the score was 0-3 after the second goal from Merabti. Mokhtar Geyi managed to score so quickly that Fredrik Jekyll took charge of the 2-3 minutes before the end of the match. But in the final stage, substitute Jeffrey Hermans decided the fate of the Kustboys. With this win, Malinoa tied (with one more match) with Club Brugge in second place, two points behind leaders Union.

Junior Verbeke

Was it cool staying by the sea at the start of fall vacation? For people from Mechelen, yes, but KVO lovers prefer sitting in a restaurant along Visserskaai. History repeated itself: the beginning and thus the first half of Ostend were dramatic. And Blissin had left scorer Gay, who had been head-banging on her for a few weeks, on the bench. Perhaps, but the German forgot that no substitute can reach half his level. Kvasina might score well with his eyes closed to Onhaye buffs: He’s been a bit too much for 1A for a year and a half.

Before the break, KVO could not manage a single chance that was played, while KV Mechelen was very effective. Fortes first rolled the Kuipers red carpet (0-1) with the chrome, then Morabet was allowed to hit the far post after Storm waved once with his hips to the left. The cross that followed was also of excellent manufacture. It must have been a misunderstanding: the match started fifteen minutes later because of traffic on the highway. But in KV Oostende they apparently understood 45 minutes.

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Blissin had no choice but to surrender: Jay rushed onto the field at the start of the second half. But what’s the use of a scoring striker when you defend the backline like sandbags? Early in the second half, Merabet was allowed his second entry after KVM once again cut like a knife in butter. Traditionally, KVO decided to start at the hour … with a deficit of 0-3. I did it out of powerful invaders. Gueye – from another – was able to moderate with a good goal, then a cross from Capone stalked the crossbar. In the meantime, Morabti’s trilogy was canceled for offside.

Red for Vanderbest and Cozzello

We have another crazy lock. Traditionally, the deficit worked like a red rag for a bull in KVO, and Jäkel scored a connecting goal ten minutes before the end. Meanwhile, Vanderbist appeared in red on the Michelin bench. But KV Mechelen didn’t allow himself to catch him anymore: Two minutes before the end, Hairemans drew 2-4 well only after Hubert, as Ostend’s hope was certainly thwarted. KVO should dispense with Koziello (in red), Ndicka and Gueye in OHL, because they are all suspended. This also.