June 13, 2024

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Kyiv takes the initiative and attacks Russian forces 20 km away: who has the upper hand in the war now?  |  Abroad

Kyiv takes the initiative and attacks Russian forces 20 km away: who has the upper hand in the war now? | Abroad

The unprecedented counterattack from Ukraine has Russia blown out of its socks. It is clear that Ukraine changed its strategy and that helped. What should normally have been an encirclement of the Russian-owned city of Kherson turned out to be a large-scale reaction to the north that led to the encirclement of the Russians.

The Ukrainian army dived 20 kilometers deep into the Russian occupied territories. In total, Ukraine again controlled 400 square kilometers. On Tuesday, large-scale work began on the basis of a “strong tank fist” drilled through Russian lines. In addition, Ukrainian tank drivers and soldiers did not have to look out for their eyes, because Kyiv cleared the skies of Russian aircraft.

The fighting centered around the small town of Balaklija, 70 km from Kharkiv. According to sources, Russia still occupies this area, but it has since been besieged by Ukrainian forces. An important military objective is to put pressure on Izyum, a strategic city that has been in the hands of the Russians since April and corresponds directly to the western Donbass.

It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the coming days, but experts assume that Ukraine will win with sudden attacks. Kyiv clearly indicates that it is resilient and says that in the coming days everyone will be amazed at what the Ukrainian army can do.


Unlike Ukraine, the Russian army has traditionally been much less flexible. When they announce an attack, as in the spring, they stick to the plan. Gradually, the Russians made small gains in the Donbass using the effective tactics of artillery artillery and the capture of cities.

In recent weeks, it was Ukraine in particular that initiated the important goal of taking full control of Kharkiv. This is not easy since the city is very open on the Dnieper River. But for now Ukraine is gaining more ground step by step. There are usually more deaths and injuries in the initiator, so experts are wondering how long Ukraine can sustain this.

On the other hand, morale seems to be much better on the Ukrainian side, after 7 months of war. So Ukrainian leaders report that there is a great opportunity to show during the month of November that they can push the Russians back. After that, she will have to wait until spring to get more land.