November 27, 2022

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Leading SAFe® Certification


SAFe, or as it is widely known, Scaled Agile Framework is a Scrum module. It is generally certified by a Scaled Agile. If an aspirant has SAFe® Certification then he will hold some credibility, which will increase his presence in front of hiring companies. When you’re in an organization or are working with an entrepreneur, you need to focus on the market changes and try to give a customer one of the best experiences they’ve ever had.

Nowadays, companies or organizations are going into the field of agile framework and are quite happy with their choice. Because of this agile framework, the projects are carried down effectively and quickly.

By using the SAFe system of Scrum, you will be able to work according to agile principles and rules. Because of this kind of work system, delays and other mishaps will not be an issue. The SAFe method creates an agile workflow pattern and if the company or organization is following those, it will definitely reach the heights of success.

SAFe makes it easy for companies to look into the project with more devotion and strategy. You must be thinking that why are all these companies turning to SAFe nowadays, right? Well, here is a straightforward answer. SAFe provides:

  • Nice documentation framework.
  • A tested and proven framework.
  • Leads them to strategic goals.
  • Makes them scale agile across the organization.
  • A people-centric view focuses on the lower areas of hierarchy as well.
  • Focuses on the output of the product.
  • Focuses on the right kind of delivery of the product as well.

Why is aSAFe Certification So In-demand Nowadays?

ASAFe® professional Certification (provided by any reputed organization) makes sure you have a hold on your skills and mindset.

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The benefits of opting for SAFe® certification are given below, in brief:

  • Acquiring your own skills
  • Acquiring your own knowledge
  • Having a hold on your mindset
  • Giving you the experience to work with an agile framework
  • Helps you make good relations with huge companies and enterprises

This is not all, there have also been factual studies based on the SAFe workspace. One of the studies shows that there is a raise of 10-50% happier and more motivated employees, 30-75% faster Time-to-Market connection, 25-75% improvements in quality of delivery, and 20-50% increase in productivity. [Ref.]

People are coming out of their shells and adapting to this new way of life. Around 10 lakh people in 20 thousand companies have enrolled themselves in an easy way of life, in the technical field. They know and have been claiming the benefits of SAFe for years now.

What Will a Good Institute Provide You With?

A good and well-reputed source through which you can get the SAFe® 5.1 Certification training should provide the following perks:

  • You will get a certificate from a well-known acclaimed scaled agile network.
  • You will get training from the SPCs (SAFe Program Consultants) themselves.
  • You will be able to learn to scale Agile within multiple groups.
  • You will earn 16PDUs and 16 SEUs in not more than 2 days.
  • The exam fees will be included in the course fees themselves.

Try to choose the institute which is a partner of Scaled Agile, Inc. Gold SPCT so that you have the best learning experience with it.

What is the Process of Getting a Leading SAFe® Certification?

There are a few steps that need to be followed in order to become a SAFe Agilist. Those steps are given below.

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Step-1: Enroll in leading SAFe Course

First of all, register on the online institute and fill in all the details that are required. It is recommended for your desired training institute to be a partner of Gold SPCT of Scaled Agile.

Step-2: Attend a 2-day Leading SAFe Course

Then, take up the two-day course class that is specially created by the SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs). It will give you a gist of the further expansion of the Leading SAFe certification course.

Step-3: Get access to the exam

Only when you’ve completed the course, the Scale Agile itself will be sending you the exam details directly to your mail.

Step-4: Login and take the exam

After checking the main, click on the provided link. Now, give the exam that is one and a half-hour long. This exam is online and consists of a total of 45 MCQs.

Step-5: Pass the Exam.

In order to go further, it is necessary to pass the exam. You will have to score a total of 77% of the total marks (I.e., 35 marks out of 45).

Step-6: Get the Certification.

When you’ve passed the exam, the Claes Agile will automatically update your profile and will disclose the certification.

Step-7: Enjoy the one-year membership.

Finally, you will get a one-year membership with Scaled Agile and the certification as well.

Step-8: Renew Certification

Last but not least is to renew the certification. You will have to renew it every year in order to keep enjoying its perks.


If you have a SAFe Agile Certificate, you will always be an asset to the company. It will expand your scope when it comes to new opportunities or exploring the values of the organization. The survey data also shows that to go further, you must enroll in a Scrum field.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most people ask different kinds of questions, and we have tried to answer a few of them.

Q1. What is the average salary of an agile SAFe employee?

Ans. The average salary of an employee is $98k per annum, however, it ranges from country to country, state to state, and company to company.

Q2. What are the top companies that hire SAFe® Certified professionals?

Ans. The companies that hire are as follows:

  • Allstate
  • Google
  • Syntel
  • CGI
  • Infosys
  • Mindtree
  • Bank of America, etc.

Q3. What are the top job roles that consider SAFe certifications?

Ans. The job roles that consider SAFe certification are:

  • Agile Coach
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Certified Scrum Master