May 24, 2024

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LG comes with a TV that hides behind dust and TV on wheels

LG comes with a TV that hides behind dust and TV on wheels

LG regularly makes eye-catching TVs with the aim of making them unobtrusive, like Roll up TV. Come here now two TVs in Hidden from view in other ways. The LG Objet TV is a 65-inch screen on two feet long, with a piece of cloth in front of it.

This “canvas” slides down when the TV is in use, then covers the legs. When the TV is not in use, the canvas slides up, covering about two-thirds of the screen, revealing the legs. On the rest of the screen, things can be displayed, such as the time and date, a music player or to display nature photos.

Hanging or standing diagonally on the wall

LG Objet TV can be hung on the wall or placed against the wall at a slight angle of up to 5 degrees. The ropes can be hidden in the legs. The Objet TV appears to be LG’s answer to The Frame and The Serif, which are two different TVs from rival Samsung that also aim to be less visible than a traditional TV.

The canvas is made by Danish Kvadrat, and comes in beige, red and green colours. The screen itself is an OLED from LG’s latest evo line, similar to the one on the LG C1 for example. The TV is equipped with a 4.1 sound system.

TV on his feet

LG StanbyME is another way to watch TV only when needed. The 27-inch TV stands on a wheeled base, making it easy to move around the room. The TV has a battery with which you can watch wirelessly for up to three hours. The TV can watch all kinds of streaming services over WiFi wirelessly.

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The screen can also be rotated. Then the portrait screen of your iPhone or Android phone can be viewed via AirPlay or Google Cast. Thanks to the built-in stand, the TV can also be used as a large video communication screen, while the phone takes the user to the picture via the stand.

European prices not yet known

It is not yet known when the new TVs will arrive in Europe. LG will anyway show off the new displays during the CES tech show, at the beginning of January.

TVs are already on the market in South Korea, according to reports Tom’s guide. Objet TV costs 9.9 million won (about 7,400 euros), and StanbyME is on sale for more than 1 million won (about 777 euros).