June 14, 2024

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Lies of P has received a patch, and the game has become easier

Lies of P has received a patch, and the game has become easier

Lies of P has been live for over a week and the developers have already rolled out a major patch. What has been modified?

I still play Lies of P (XBNL review) with pleasure. You have now completed over 50 hours and reached the final boss.

Lies of P is a great game to play and you can also read it in my review. However, the game is on the difficult side. Some bosses are difficult to beat, have complex patterns and huge health barriers. Even spirit-like enthusiasts criticize the difficulty of some bosses. The developers have heard the criticism and are providing an update for Xbox today.

Better balance

The full list of patch notes is here here To read. In short, it comes down to the following modifications. More difficult bosses (including Fallen Archbischop, King of Puppets, and the Simon Manus Arm of God boss) will have a smaller HP bar. Players will find certain resources more quickly to upgrade their weapons, and more Ergo resources will also drop, allowing you as a player to improve your character faster. It should also become easier for players to change their character’s stats, as it will cost fewer Gold Coin Fruits. Personally, I find this latest addition particularly welcome. It’s fun and interesting to try out different designs in Lies of P, but the threshold for that was pretty high.

Overall, there’s a big patch coming soon after release, which will hopefully make the game more accessible to those interested.