November 30, 2023

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Fae Farm review: “Best co-op game”

Fae Farm review: “Best co-op game”

At #FlairBookClub and #FlairBingeClub we are happy to recommend the best books, movies and series. But of course we shouldn’t forget the gamers and board game lovers! That’s why we offer our own Flair section: #FlairGameClub, in which we recommend a different game each month. Back in September, we highlighted the long-awaited Fae Farm, a game that editor Ysaline had been looking forward to for over a year.

Identity group:

  • age? 7+
  • Number of Players? From 1 to 4 players
  • console game? Nintendo Switch and PC

What is the goal of the game?

In the magical world of Azuria, you can build your own life with the help of magic. Along the way, you’ll meet other characters, build deep relationships, and discover new ways to use magic. The goal is to uncover the secrets of the island and restore the world.

How it works?

You can create your own character, customize your house to your own taste, learn new skills, take care of cute animals, farm, learn magic, discover new worlds and much more! Step by step you will discover and realize the magical world of Azuria mission In order to progress in the game. You can also form bonds with other residents and search for your soul mate.

Why would you definitely want to play it?

Anyone who is a fan of relaxing games like “Disney Dreamlight Valley,” “Animal Crossing,” and “Stardew Valley” will definitely enjoy this. genuinely? I like it more! There’s nothing this game doesn’t have for me. First and foremost, the collaboration is great. You can play with up to three other friends, locally and remotely, and build your own world together. You each do your own thing and this is useful because one person can do one task, for example, and the other with something else.

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Meanwhile, you can continue to build your own world at other times, because you can create different game files. You practice farming but you also master magic and discover every part of the island little by little. The mines are my favorite part of exploring. I also think the combat is great.

You definitely won’t get bored because there is so much to do. Time doesn’t pass slowly at all, because a day doesn’t last one day like in “Animal Crossing” for example. So you don’t just think and act. I feel like time is passing Sometimes it’s a little fast, but that’s because it’s addictive. For example, if I’m busy in the mines and it’s night, I have to cancel my mission and I think that’s a shame. After looking forward to “Fae Farm” for over a year, I can honestly say: it was absolutely worth the wait! I wish I could play it for hours every day.

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