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LIVE Dwars door Vlaanderen (Women): Vos and Reusser keep working together, the pursuers following with minimal damage |  Across Flanders (Women) 2023

LIVE Dwars door Vlaanderen (Women): Vos and Reusser keep working together, the pursuers following with minimal damage | Across Flanders (Women) 2023

Across Flanders (women)

road racing road racingdistance 114.9 how much
location 2:50 in the afternoon: Warjim 5:45 p.m.: Wargame

Until now21 km

    1. Marilyn Rosser (ZWI)
    2. Marian Fox (nl)
    The leading grouparrow circle

    1. Marilyn Rosser (ZWI)
    2. Marian Fox (nl)


Dwars door Vlaanderen will also be the last major test before the Women’s Tour of Flanders. Who will succeed Italian Chiara Consoni in Waregem? The course continued with a stage from 2.50pm.

  1. 17:22. The pursuing group reunites. This is for the benefit of the teachers, who drive a little further down the Herlegemstraat. .
  2. 5 p.m. 19. McCaig throws shade at Fullering, who stops to serve teammate Roesser. .
  3. 5 PM 6 PM Reusser is not surprised and quickly follows up. & nbsp; McKeague attacks the pursuers. .
  4. Nuker Mountain:. Leaders start at Nokere Berg. & nbsp; Voss tries to accelerate immediately. . 5m 6m.
  5. 5 pm 16. Trek – Segafredo. The Italian line-up should come into play again. & nbsp; How long can Longo Borghini go on like this? .
  6. 30 seconds. Rosser and Voss pull away again, and the five pass the group behind them. & nbsp; They are now half a minute late. . 5m 4m.
  7. 5 p.m. 13. After the gravel:. The two leaders leave the cobblestones 15 seconds apart. & nbsp; They are followed by a group of 5 riders with Vollering, Lippert, Moolman, Mackaij and Van Anrooij.
  8. 17:09 Vos and Reusser created a gap again. The chase group is quite fragmented. & nbsp; .
  9. 17:07 Roeser continues! Sharp acceleration from Reusser on the gravel. & nbsp; Berteau has to release him in front, Uttrup Ludwig is also having a hard time. .
  10. fork:. Reassembly in action, due to Trek action, the Chasers close in 7 seconds. & nbsp; The leaders bring the Dorn stones. . 5:06 p.m.
  11. 5:05 p.m.
  12. 5pm 03. The three women at Trek – segafredo are now receiving support from Mackaij (Movistar). & nbsp; This is paying off: the difference drops to 13 seconds. .
  13. 5pm 02. The riders are on a flat intermediate section, another 5km of Dorne cobbles. .
  14. 24 sec. Longo Borghini continues to pull the lead with the chasers, but they never get close again to the quartet. & nbsp; They now have Barale in their sights. . 16 hours 59.
  15. 16 hours 57. Now the picture of the chasers. Trek-Segafredo takes the lead there, about 15 riders in that group. & nbsp; Consoni, last year’s winner, is also in. .
  16. 16:56 We don’t get an overview of the price situation. There will be a regrouping behind the four leaders. & nbsp; The leading group still leads for 24 seconds. .
  17. 4:54 p.m. Barral has to release it again in Ladeuze. & nbsp; Too bad for the 19-year-old Italian, who is fighting for what she deserves. .
  18. 4:50 p.m. The Italian is lucky. He falls silent at the front so Barral can rejoin. .
  19. 4:49 p.m. On the last hkm of Maria Boerstraat, Barral still has to unload. A completely empty DSM rider. .
  20. 16 hours 48. 5 leaders. Vos and Reusser joined the lead. & nbsp; We are now counting 5 leaders, most of the big teams are represented at the front. .
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