October 3, 2023

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Live: Morris keeps Rangers ahead, Al Ittihad survives the opening |  UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Live: Morris keeps Rangers ahead, Al Ittihad survives the opening | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Held a two-goal bonus on a visit to Ibrox Stadium. This is the task that awaits the union. Despite last week’s match pallor, Rangers believe a turnaround is taking place. Watch the match closely here.

  1. First half, minute 40.
  2. The first half, minute 39. Van der Heyden almost dribble in the 16th minute, but was defeated by Tillmann. There is talk of a penalty kick, but the foul only happened on the edge of the 16. & nbsp; .
  3. Yellow card for Rangers James Sands during the first half, minute 39
  4. First half, minute 38. Sykes gets a yellow card early because he took too long on the throw-in. & nbsp; .
  5. First half, minute 37. The first yellow card for Rangers. The sand won’t let Lazare pass and kick him to the ground, yellow! .
  6. First half, minute 34. There are already plenty of signs that the Rangers are starting to have some doubts. Peter Vandenbet on Radio 1.
  7. First half, minute 32.
  8. The first half, minute 32. Lawrence tries from afar. There are Rangers again! Lawrence kicked from the backline, smashed his shot, but the ball bounced wide. & nbsp; .
  9. Morris keeps Rangers ahead! Lawrence’s free kick was cut very seriously. Kulak heads, Maurice saves with a great show. & nbsp; . First half, minute 27.
  10. The first half, the 26th minute. Kent took the lead, and was incorrectly stopped by Newkoop. Free kick in a beautiful place a few meters from the penalty area. & nbsp; .
  11. First half, minute 24.
  12. First half, minute 24. Minor disturbance on throw-in. Adingra snatches the unnecessary ball, but he is not penalized. He will get the full Ibrox. & nbsp; .
  13. First half, minute 23. I have the impression that the moth is already starting to get there. Enthusiasm in the beginnings of the Rangers slowly began to wane. Peter Vandenbet on Radio 1.
  14. The first half, minute 18. Al-Ittihad is dangerous for the first time. Van der Heyden jumps at the highest level of all, but doesn’t get enough Lenin’s angle on his head. The ball expands. .
  15. The first half, minute 16. Rangers are looking for opening opportunities, but at the moment they lack accuracy in cross passes. For example, now another cross from Arfield was kicked out by Burgess. & nbsp; .
  16. The first half, the 15th minute. Al-Ittihad survived in the first quarter. Rangers attack, but it wasn’t really dangerous yet. . Peter Vandenbet on Radio 1.
  17. First half, minute 13.
  18. The first half, minute 11. It will not be long before the return of Rangers. Colak wanted, Morris got off, but the pass isn’t dangerous in the end. & nbsp; .
  19. First Half, Minute 9. Al-Ittihad gets a moment. Vanzier escapes from the Scottish defense, his loser not finding a teammate. & nbsp; .
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