February 5, 2023

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Live: Morris saves Al-Ittihad from an early deficit with a great resonance | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Al-Ittihad started the second half of the season with a score of 9 out of 9, but it still suffered from suffocation in Cercle Brugge (1-1) last week. As the main challenger to the boss Racing Genk, the match against OH Leuven appears to be one You must win. Catch the game live here or tune in to Radio 1 for the latest updates.

  1. Maurice rescued. OH Leuven immediately collects a corner kick. Schrijvers swung in front of goal and Patrese could also head in. Morris must be fully extended to get his fingertips on the ball. . First half, min. 3.
  2. 1st half, minute 1 the match started
  3. First half, at 20:45. kick off. We play football at Dudenpark. Will we see a scene in a duel between number two and number nine in the rankings? .
  4. In advance, 20:34. We have a lot of absentees, but I think everyone is ready to give their best. Mark Brace.
  5. In advance, at 8:33 p.m., Fanzier has a muscle injury that won’t heal in a few days. I hope he can join again next week. Charles Gerarts.
  6. In advance, at 20:26. So Price will have to do without Mario Gonzalez. The 26-year-old Spaniard has scored 13 goals in the top flight in just 15 appearances. A striker you can always use. .
  7. In advance, 8 pm 12. The Union has not been defeated for a long time. For the Union to do so well in its own league is an understatement. Karel Geraerts’ forces are now undefeated in 13 matches. For the final defeat in Jupiler Pro League we already have to go back to September 11, 2022. Then it’s 1-2 for Genk. .
  8. Up front, at 7:58 p.m., so does Bryce’s concerns offending. Mark Preece retained him after tying Eupen with three changes. Doum, Ouedraogo, and Flitink get their chance from kick-off. The coach can’t count on his top scorer, Mario Gonzalez, either. .
  9. In advance, at 7:50 p.m., La Fanzere is in the Union. Karel Geraerts still has to tinker with his team. For example, Dante Fanzier had a hamstring injury. Boniface will replace him at the front. Lazar and Adingra will also join the team. & nbsp; .
  10. Up front, at 4:54 p.m., Federation is doing very well. They are second in the ranking for a reason. But in football, anything is possible. Mark Price, Coach Oh Lovin.
  11. Advance, 4 p.m. 52. Skidding or Overloading? Union started the new year brightly with a 9 of 9 finish. But Cercle Brugge proved this week that Union isn’t strong at all in 2023. Cercle deservedly took the lead, but a visibly tired Union was able to put a point in the gym bag on the last stretch after a goal from Nelson. Read the full match report below. .
  12. In advance, at 4:51 p.m.
  13. before 4:51 p.m
  14. Union preparation. Anthony Morris, Bart Newcube, Christian Burgess, Koki Machida, Ismail Kundous, Lazar Amani, Teddy Toma, Seni Lenin, Victor Boniface, Simon Adingra, Gustav Nilsson
  15. Prepared by Leuven OH. Valentin Cojokaru, Louis Patrese, Federico Rica, Ewood Pletinks, Casper De Nory, Jorn Doom, Dylan Ouedraogo, Siby Shrivers, John Daguerre Thorstenson, Thibaut Fletink, Nashon Nsingye
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