May 28, 2024

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LIVE: Paris-Roubaix 1st for Women: "With a Little Heart" |  Paris-Roubaix Women 2021

LIVE: Paris-Roubaix 1st for Women: “With a Little Heart” | Paris-Roubaix Women 2021

Today, women are making history with their first match at Paris-Roubaix. Who will put her name first on the honor roll? Follow the course from the beginning (1.35 pm) to end on this page. Broadcasting on One and livestreaming starts at 15:00.

  1. 1 pm 59. Nerves? This is good. I look forward to it, and most of all I want to have fun. I’m not looking forward to driving through the mud. Lotte Kobeki.
  2. 13h 59. Kopecky: “Today is basically all about fun.”

    Kopecky: “Today is mainly about having fun”

  3. 1 pm 56. No escape yet. We can already mark the first round, which so far we have not seen any (successful) escape attempts. There will be some fear of gravel. .
  4. Christmas. For Barbara Guarischi, it’s a party twice today. Not only can she be a part of the first edition of Paris-Roubaix for women, but she is also celebrating her 31st birthday today. . 13 hours 54.
  5. Time 13:50. Trail. I still run the course with women. They did not start in Paris and the surrounding area, but in Dineen, where the first 3 local tours are led without cobblestones. To warm the legs and maybe separate some of the straw from the wheat. After that, the women will start in the same 17 divisions of the men’s final, although not with Forest Wallers, but with Carrefour de Larbre, among others. The Hornaing section, 82 kilometers from the end, is the gateway to Hell. .
  6. 13 Q44. I don’t think this is quite my course, but I mainly want to contribute (sic!) to the score for the team. I think it will be before the first streaks of war with the masses. Anime Van Vleuten.
  7. 13 hrs 44. Van Floten: “I am delighted to be part of a historic moment.”

    Van Vleuten: “I am happy to be part of a historic moment”

  8. 13 hours 42 match started
  9. It’s 13:23. No rain today!? Yesterday it rained heavily between Dineen and Rubiks, the traces of which will certainly remain visible through the slippery roads / cobblestones and puddles. No rain is expected today, although there may still be some rain in the final. Tomorrow men are worth it. .
  10. 12 noon 51. Live in Sporza. You can follow the course here with text updates from 13:35. TV broadcasts begin at 3 pm. On one, which will be streamed above. Karl Vanneukerek presents the program with Jean-Marie Wampers as a guest. Commentary by Robin van Gucht and Ian Payne. .
  11. 12 am 36. Julien Dehor has surprised me positively in the World Cup. This is a specially designed course for her, she has been looking forward to it for a long time. I don’t think you can imagine a better final race than this one. I expect she will fight well in the final, if she survives the bad luck. Licelot Decroix, captain of the Jumbo Visma team.
  12. 12 Hours 34. I wouldn’t immediately call this race a revenge for Marianne in the World Cup, but she’s in very good shape. I showed it last week. The team is working at full capacity. Hopefully she will win, but she will have to get past some of the big cheerleaders and getting away with bad luck will also play a very big part. . Licelot Decroix, team captain Jumbo-Visma with Marianne Voss as captain.
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