May 28, 2024

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Supporters van Standard betreden het veld, match in Mechelen tijdelijk gestaakt

Standard supporters take to the field, match in Mechelen is temporarily suspended

Friday special scenes at Avas Stadium. When the players Basic They entered the stadium after the break, and were met there by some fans. The fans came onto the field after their team went 3-0 down in the first half KV Mechelen.

The Standard ran behind the facts on Mechelen in the first half. After 45 minutes, the visitors owed a hat-trick after goals from Hugo Kuipers, Karim Merabti and Sandy Walsh. For some fans, the deficit at AFAS Stadium was the last straw after defeats to RSC Anderlecht and STVV. They did not think that it was better to enter the field.

The fans argued with the players. It is understood that Nathan Verbumin did not like the procedure and invited the 22 players to return to the changing rooms. The match in Mechelen was suspended temporarily. After a few minutes it is time to play football again. The stadium spokesman said that the incident no longer occurred, otherwise the match will be stopped permanently.