June 12, 2024

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Live: Atletico advance twice after two attacks from the book |  La Liga Santander 2021/2022

Live: Atletico advance twice after two attacks from the book | La Liga Santander 2021/2022

  1. 45 + 2′ – Yellow – Rodrigo de Paul
  2. 44′ – Goal – Luis Suarez (2-0)
  3. 23 minutes goal – Thomas Lemar (1-0)
  4. 22′ – Yellow – Pablo Jaffe

The first player “among the big three” in Spain is a duel between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. To stay in Real Madrid’s footsteps, both teams need to win. Altetico players Suarez and Griezmann have a history at Barcelona, ​​but the French player will start on the bench.

  1. The first half, the 48th minute, the game is over
  2. Yellow card for Rodrigo de Paul, Atletico Madrid player, during the first half, 47th minute
  3. First half, 47th minute. Half time. Atletico lead 2-0 against Barcelona at the end of the first half. The trio of Felix Lemar Suarez twice made Barcelona’s defense look like cheese with big holes. Barcelona certainly haven’t played off the field, but Atletico exudes more power. .
  4. First half, minute 45.
  5. A goal in the first half, the 44th minute by Luis Suarez, Atletico Madrid player. 2.0
  6. First half, minute 44.
  7. First half, minute 44. Suarez scored, but not cheered: 2-0. Suarez proves Barcelona’s mistake by allowing him to leave. Once again, the trio of Felix-Lemar-Suarez breaks the defense of the guests. Suarez kept his cool and scored a perfect 2-0 into the corner. .
  8. First half, minute 40. Barcelona is trying to change course, but it lacks poison in its attacks. Depay’s body language isn’t very promising. The Dutchman seems upset by the lack of pure potential. .
  9. First half, minute 31. Barcelona also gets chances. Depay tries to prepare the ball for the somewhat invisible De Jong, but the midfielder is a few steps away. .
  10. The first half, minute 28. Suarez has mercy on his former squad. It should be 2-0, but Suarez misses a chance he rarely misses. Atletico do it the same way they did 1-0. Through the link player, the attacking player is brought in front of the goal alone. That separate man is now Suarez, but he shoots too far from the wrong side of the post. .
  11. The first half, minute 25. Almost 1-1. Barcelona’s answer comes thanks to Coutinho. cleverly takes a lob on the shoe while. His attempt just went wrong. & nbsp; .
  12. First half, minute 24.
  13. A goal in the first half, the 23rd minute, by Thomas Lemar of Atletico Madrid. 1, 0.
  14. The first half, the 23rd minute. A superb attack from Atlético foreshadows 1-0. Lemar puts the host team ahead. Atletico unite by defending like a knife through butter. What an attack. He starts with a superb trick from Felix, followed by a superb cross pass from Suarez and a superb finish from Lemar. Lots of people standing motionless in Barcelona. .
  15. Yellow card for Pablo Jaffe, Barcelona player during the first half, minute 22
  16. First half, minute 19. Yellow for Gavi. The first yellow card goes to 18-year-old Gavi, the new favorite among Barcelona fans. Lemar hits the ground with his body and does not hit a ball. The yellow color is also the result of the sum of previous mistakes made by Barcelona players. .
  17. First half, 16th minute. Felix with the shot. A good second chance for the match is also for Atlético. This time it is Felix who didn’t miss Ter Stegen’s goal away. The opportunity came after Carrasco’s good pursuit of Mingueza. .
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