December 8, 2023

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Live: Atletico advance twice after two attacks from the book |  La Liga Santander 2021/2022

Video: Atletico do not fail to push Barcelona (again) to the facts | La Liga Santander 2021/2022

Barcelona managed to keep showing up for fifteen minutes and seemed to set foot next to Atlético, but as you know: appearances are deceiving. The longer the pain points are exposed. Atletico showed a lot of skill: sharper, stronger, better tactically, more deeply.

With all that skill, Atlético slashed the Catalan defense line like a knife through butter after just over 20 minutes. Lemar did a good job. An attack that you should definitely watch, unless you are the Barcelona defense coach, because the defense looked really bad.

Coutinho had the chance to equalize, but it didn’t happen and Atletico more and more dominated the match.

Suarez was merciful with his former employer initially, but scored 2-0 before the break. Again after a very good attack by the trio Felix-Lemar-Suarez.

Ronald Koeman has been photographed many times and his body language speaks not of volumes but entire libraries. He was not happy with what he saw.

The second half was basically a measure of the thing. Coutinho could have brought the tension back, but he missed another big opportunity early on. Then Atletico just scrutinized and there weren’t more great chances.

Barcelona’s pain points: defensive instability, incompetence and no one holding the team in their hand. Frenkie de Jong, for example, played a poor game.

President Laporta said before the match that Ronald Koeman would not be sent off, but the situation with the Catalans was slowly becoming untenable.