December 6, 2023

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Live: The post prevents Magny from equalizing twice |  Kroki Cup 2023/2024

Live: The post prevents Magny from equalizing twice | Kroki Cup 2023/2024

Sketch Cup – Round 1 – 10/31/23 – 18:32

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Eupen-KV Oostende is the opening act of a busy evening of football in the 1/16 finals of the Kroki Cup. Both teams are having a tough time competing this season and could benefit from a good performance in the cup tournament. We follow the competition stage by stage.

  1. First half, minute 45, the match is over
  2. First half, minute 35. The radio broadcast has started on Radio 1. There you can follow this match with updates from commentator Pete Kosmans. .
  3. Gabriel saves his team. Eupen continues to search for an equaliser. Davidson now gets too close, and goalkeeper Gabriel saves his header from close range. . First half, minute 34.
  4. First half, minute 33.
  5. First half, minute 26. The home team’s next chance is for Finnbogason. He receives the ball from Nohu and tries, but his attempt is very weak. Gabriel can catch the ball easily. .
  6. First half, minute 23. Perez also received a yellow card. In Ostend they take a more physical approach. Now the club’s top scorer and loanee Daniel Perez has also been booked, also for a foul on Keita. .
  7. Magnée is on this post again. Magnée remains the most dangerous man in Eupen. The right center shot a cross towards the goal, but it hit the post again. . First half, minute 22.
  8. First half, minute 20. Yellow card for Darpino. The first card of the match is a fact. D’Arpino is booked for taking down Keita. .
  9. First half, minute 19.
  10. First half, minute 18. The picture of the match is now somewhat more balanced. Ostend moves forward, without creating really dangerous attacks. .
  11. First half, minute 16. Eubin keeps trying. Keita shoots the ball from a long distance, and it flies one meter above the goal. .
  12. Bitoma still stays down. Tanguy’s foul on Pitomasla will not be punished by referee Letellier. Eupen’s striker needs some care. . First half, minute 15.
  13. Yubin responds. Yubin doesn’t allow herself to be taken seriously. Ostend retreats en masse with progress in mind. It’s one-way football towards Gabriel’s goal. Magnée even hit a free kick against the post. . First half, minute 10.
  14. First half, minute 6.
  15. First half, minute 4. 0-1: Immediate goal for Ostend. Visitors do not suffer from heavy legs after their long journey to Eupen. The first attack yields immediate results, and Perez heads the ball after a pass from Van Daele from the left side. .
  16. First half, minute 1, the match started
  17. First half, 6:31 p.m., kickoff. The first match of the Round of 16 Finals of the Kroki Cup has begun. Eupen and Ostend are trying to bring some color to their gray season tonight. .
  18. In advance, 6pm 13. Yubin confidently. Eubin is looking forward to facing the cup with confidence. Florian Caulfeldt’s side won 2-0 over Charleroi on Saturday after a more difficult period and will be hoping to build on that performance against Ostend. .
  19. In advance, 06:00 02. Last time brought a scene. Eupen and Ostend met each other last season in the Jupiler Pro League. In the Eastern Cantons this led to a very impressive match, the score was 4-4. Rodan’s final equalizer came in just the 97th minute. In the cup, the two teams last met in 2018. Ostend won the cup that year after winning 0-1. .
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