February 28, 2024

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look.  Billie and Britney battle for the crown of pop princesses, and their old acquaintances retain Elton John's role in Starstruck |  television

look. Billie and Britney battle for the crown of pop princesses, and their old acquaintances retain Elton John's role in Starstruck | television

televisionExtravagance dominated the evening in “Starstruck.” Impersonators of pop princesses Billie Eilish and Britney Spears brought nudity to the stage, while gentlemen paid tribute to music legends Bono and Elton John with poignant versions of “With or Without You” and “I'm Still Standing.” Watch the most impressive parts of “Starstruck” Episode 6 here.

U2 suddenly took to the VTM stage

Jeff, Jan and Nick remove their coolest sunglasses and play Irish rock star Bono from U2 for the opening act. What a fantastic performance, and the standing ovation from the judges is more than deserved. Natalie likes these “fake potatoes.” Goga has only one thing to say on the subject: “Houston, we have a problem!” Nick and Jeff reach a tie, so it's time for the final test: sing one signature phrase. The jury agrees: Jeff is moving on to the concert!

“Bad man” or rather “bad women”?

Hair of all colors of the rainbow and bright, baggy clothes. This could be none other than Billie Eilish. Lynn, Laure and Catherine set the stage on fire with their version of “Bad Guy.” However, Nora says this is “a very difficult song.” Bart looks at the souls of the “Three Villains” and finds them all “inspirational.” However, the four-member jury came to the conclusion that Lin could prove himself in singing!

Britney Spears' trio creates nostalgia

Tiny, Feelin' and Magdalene take the viewer back to where it all began with Britney Spears: Baby One More Time. In three distinctive and revealing outfits – those taken from the videos “Oops I Did it Again”, “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic”, they brought the “princess of pop” to “Starstruck”. Bart felt “warm about it”, but he was a huge fan of Magdalene. The jury will reach a decision: Majdoline will be the last candidate to qualify for the singing stage!

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Lynn silences everyone with the song “When the Party's Over”

This comes. Lynn transports the entire studio with the emotional song “When the Party's Over” by Billie Eilish. Aside from the strong performance, this was also a very strong tradition. It moves Nora to tears. Lynn has four fans who give her a standing ovation. “You don't have to ask me anything, because I'm still crying,” Noura says. Natalie was also affected: “It affected all of us,” she wants to say.

The return of “Idol”.

An old acquaintance also takes the “Starstruck” stage. Wouter De Clerck (40 years old) finished second in 2004 on another talent show “Idool” and scored a hit at Ultratop with “Walking in Memphis”. He also holds his own on “Starstruck”: with “I'm Still Standing” he wipes the floor with the competition like Elton John. The jury absolutely loved it. According to Guga, Wouter is a true performer and for Natalie he ticks all the boxes.

Starstruck's grand finale, next Friday at 8:40pm on VTM

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