February 27, 2024

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From Gaston and Leo to Philipp Goebbels in the Bath: what comedy show will make you laugh your heart out?  |  My guide

From Gaston and Leo to Philipp Goebbels in the Bath: what comedy show will make you laugh your heart out? | My guide

HLN StoreHas 2024 gotten off to a rocky start, and does that look likely to continue unfortunately? Then, it's time to bring a touch of comedy into your life for at least one winter evening. Even those who lead an easy life will of course benefit from a few hours of intermittent humor to prevent the intense bitterness and depression lurking all around. HLN Store It presents three great shows for a diverse audience.

Jokes from old times

Can Gaston Bergmans and Leo Martin make you laugh? A new show from the long-dead comedy duo would rather belong to the sci-fi or horror genre, but a humorous homage to Flemish comedy's predecessors is one option.

“Gaston and Leo – The Musical Tribute” It goes back in time to the golden days of variety shows and tells how famous comedians met each other and built their success together. In between the jokes, there's a serious note at regular intervals that provides some balance, because Gaston and Leo's life behind the scenes hasn't been all roses either. No, the word “musical” does not appear by chance in the title: throughout the show a live orchestra brings you a heart-warming soundtrack from an old Flemish jukebox.

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Gaston and Leo – Musical Tribute. © HLN Store

Bathtub mops

Do you prefer dry humor? Then you might find what you're looking for at Philippe Geubels. With his offer “Goebbels is taking a shower.” The driest Low Countries comedian to date invites you to sit back and enjoy a sandstorm of jokes in which he spins a new series of everyday absurdities. And in between, there is also time to reflect on the suffering in the world. But not for long. From his bathtub, Goebbels lets the nonsense flow freely again before it starts to feel uncomfortable.

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Goebbels takes a shower.
Goebbels takes a shower. © Johannes Vande Voorde

I wish you a nice laugh

Another comedian who promises to expose himself is Lucas Lilly. lewi? Ghent's talent won the Comedy Culture Award, a victory in the Homo Comedy Cup, and television performances in, among others, Peace on earth From Sven de Leger, The smartest person And The perfect worldIn addition to his famous YouTube series Standard cookie trade He already has a lot to his name.

Today, he is ready to revive his second solo show in the hall 'A matter of taste'. In it, Lilly focuses on what truly makes him happy: food, and in the process cleverly deflects some of the questions that threaten to ruin his legendary appetite.

ticket reservation? Here you will find more information about this offer.

Lucas Lilly.
Lucas Lilly. © RV

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