February 28, 2024

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'I felt completely exhausted,' says Tine Imbrechts on 'Expedition: Greenland'  Ltd

'I felt completely exhausted,' says Tine Imbrechts on 'Expedition: Greenland' Ltd

For exampleDuring “Expedition: Greenland”, not only was it very cold, but the participants were also far from civilization and range. Perhaps this is what Tini Imbrechts, 48, a mother of four, needed one day. “I needed time to myself.”

“I agreed to this expedition because I felt I had to do it myself,” says Tine Imbrechts frankly. “When you have four children, two of whom are still young, the first thing that comes into play is some kind of self-care. I feel like I really need more time for myself,” Imbrechts says. “I'm very social, I like to be with people and have fun.” Really taking care of my family. “But I haven’t been feeling very good in recent months,” said the very honest Tyne.

“I felt completely exhausted across the board. I just felt Cravings To escape from everything and everyone. I am in desperate need of freedom, and this is also something I struggle with. “As much as I love seeing my little kids, I was actually standing on that playground about 15 or 18 years ago, pushing that swing. In my worst moments I think, ‘Damn, I'm going to be standing here on that swing for another five or six years.'” While I feel like… In going to the other side of the world with my grown children, for example, and being a different kind of mother.

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“The Expedition: Greenland” can be watched every Monday at 9:15pm on Play4 and GoPlay. The full season can also be watched on Streams.

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