December 5, 2023

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look.  Klopp wants a rematch against Tottenham after the VAR disaster: “It would be the only right thing” |  sports

look. Klopp wants a rematch against Tottenham after the VAR disaster: “It would be the only right thing” | sports

The England Referees Association has released the audio tapes surrounding the VAR debacle in the first match between Liverpool and Tottenham last weekend. The misunderstanding caused a very painful moment for the race management. Therefore, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp called for a replay of the match.

look. VAR to referee: “Are you sure you are happy with this decision?”

Panic last weekend in England after Tottenham’s 2-1 win over Liverpool. After the match, all the talk revolved around the disallowed goal by Liverpool striker Luiz Diaz. The Colombian was on the field, but the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) did not intervene.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp could not laugh at that, because his team lost valuable points and first place. “I thought VAR would make things easier. I don’t understand. They were too quick to make the decision. It changed the momentum of the game. That’s hard to accept.”

The English Referees’ Association (PGMOL) responded almost immediately. “There was a huge human error. The goal was disallowed for offside by the on-field referee. This error should have led to a VAR intervention. Unfortunately, it did not happen.”

look. Jurgen Klopp wants the match to be replayed after a VAR error

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PGMOL has now also spread the audio tapes around the theatre. The result is a unique vision of the mixture of confusion, misunderstanding, and speed of the game that has now been resumed. The referee on the field misunderstood the video referee’s words.

“It’s been checked. The VAR initially says: ‘Everything is fine and perfect.’ Referee Simon Hooper assumes this means he made the right decision to disallow the goal. The match resumes, much to the VAR assistant’s surprise.

Referee Simon Hooper
Referee Simon Hooper © Reuters

“Protects. The decision on the pitch was offside. Are you really satisfied with that decision?” Hooper was asked several times on the radio. “Yes,” Hopper looks somewhat confused three times before making a decision. “Infiltration. Aim. Yes.”

When VAR insults, they insist on stopping the match and correcting the mistake. Even the head referee called the game, but as the whistle had been blown for the match, no further interference was allowed as per protocol.

In response, PGMOL announced that the rules were being amended. He added: “We and the English Football Association have agreed to review the policy to allow match referees to officiate matches outside FIFA or UEFA arrangements to avoid such problems in the future.”

Photos of the work via Reuters
© Action images via Reuters

Klopp wants a rematch: “He will be the only suitable person”

“Nothing like this has ever happened before, so I think a replay is the only right thing to do,” Jurgen Klopp said before Thursday’s Europa League match against Union. “The audio part didn’t change my mind. It’s a clear mistake and needs to be fixed. The result should be that we can play again, but that’s probably not going to happen. I’m used to making wrong decisions, but I’ve never faced anything like this before.”

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Disbelief after Liverpool’s goal was disallowed: “A major human error has occurred”