December 5, 2023

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With Newcastle vs Paris Saint-Germain as the highlight: Relive the Champions League evening here |  Champions League

With Newcastle vs Paris Saint-Germain as the highlight: Relive the Champions League evening here | Champions League

The Champions League once again did not disappoint. We’ve seen Newcastle thrash Paris Saint-Germain in a cash clash, two Belgian youngsters dropped bombs on champions’ football and the devil was often at the tail end. Did you miss anything from football evening? No problem. Relive it all in the post below.


  1. 11 pm 08. End. The Champions League evening began with a dramatic finish for Antwerp, but the Belgian fan was able to take advantage of the Leipzig-City clash shortly after. Two Belgians played the leading role there. Obinda crashed into the City defense just after half-time to cancel out Foden’s opener, but soon after substitute Doku provided an assist and a goal for City. There are no Belgians in the match between Newcastle and Paris Saint-Germain, but it is no less exciting. At a jubilant St James’ Park, Newcastle taught their club Paris Saint-Germain a lesson in the cash struggle. The home team proved to be not a cohesive team, but a solid bloc. He took advantage of PSG’s laziness and sent them home with another shock in the Champions League: 4-1. In the rest of the posters the sting was often in the tail. Lazio beat Celtic in the absolute final and Red Star also came alongside Young Boys. Barcelona, ​​in turn, won 0-1 over Porto and rises to the top of the Antwerp group. .
  2. 22 hours 58. Newcastle – Paris Saint-Germain: 4-1. A great embarrassment for Paris Saint-Germain. Newcastle stuck the knife into the wound a little deeper. The home crowd went crazy for the final time when Schar slotted home the final score 4-1. .
  3. 22 hours 56. Celtic – Lazio: 1-2. It is clear that the devil is in the tail. Lazio also saved the winning goal for the absolute final. Matteo Guendouzi scored the final score 1-2 in the 97th minute. The visitors’ section is shaking, and Celtic are upset. .
  4. 22 hours 54. Red Star – Young Boys: 2-2. Red Star Belgrade then grabbed the point they deserved. The Serbian national team was able to avoid the return of Young Boys with a strong strike from Bukari, who was playing for Gent. The referee immediately blew his whistle: the final score was 2-2. .
  5. 22 hours 47.
  6. 22:46 Leipzig – City: 1-3. After the assist, the goal too. No one from Leipzig could follow Doku on the counterattack. The Red Devil eventually charges towards goal and scores a dry shot. The second Belgian goal on the poster. 1-3 is also the final score. .
  7. 22 hours 38.
  8. 10pm 37. Leipzig – City: 1-2. The Belgians publish a poster for the Leipzig and Manchester City match. Obinda had previously scored the equalizer 1-1, but substitute Doku canceled out his colleague the Red Devil’s goal with an assist. He puts the ball into the penalty area for Alvarez, who shoots the ball beautifully into the far corner. .
  9. 22 hours 24. Red Star – Young Boys: 1-2. Little boys climb up the road stair. The Swiss visitors are awarded a penalty for handballing. A piece of cake for Cedric Itten, who gave his team the lead from the penalty spot. .
  10. 10 pm 19.
  11. 10 pm 18. Newcastle – Paris Saint-Germain: 3-1. Paris Saint-Germain is awake. Immediately after the third goal, Luis Enrique’s men responded. After besieging the large rectangle, Warren Zaire Emery drops the ball in the no man’s land, where Lucas Hernandez suddenly appears between the goalkeeper and the defence. The Paris Saint-Germain full-back nodded the ball flawlessly into the corner. The savior of honor or the beginning of the return? .
  12. 10:15 pm
  13. 10pm 14. Newcastle – Paris Saint-Germain: 3-0. Back from Newcastle’s big gate. Less than an hour later, the score was 3-0 to Paris Saint-Germain. Trippier takes advantage of Mbappé’s sensitivity to defend and advances through his right wing. The right-back has all the time to pick out Sean Longstaff on the edge of the large rectangle. The passing midfielder gratefully accepts the deep ball and smashes it powerfully into the far corner. Mbappé and his teammates stand there and watch. .
  14. 10pm 11. Red Star – Young Boys: 1-1. Young boys fight too. After a perfect pass, Ugrinik suddenly appeared in front of Red Star’s goal like a devil outside the penalty area. The Serbian No. 7 scores dryly: 1-1. .
  15. 22 hours 05.
  16. 04 pm: 04. Leipzig – City: 1-1 (Opinda). There is an opanda! Our compatriot had to watch in horror throughout the entire first half as Manchester City dominated, but just after the break he took advantage. Our compatriot is very dangerous in confrontation and proves it immediately against Akanji. Obinda continues after a moment in transition, putting his direct opponent aside and also pushing the ball across the post. A real striker’s goal. .
  17. 21 hours 41.
  18. 9:40 PM Newcastle – Paris Saint-Germain: 2-0. Second explosion in St James’ Park. Newcastle continue to advance against Paris Saint-Germain – amid deafening cheers from the home fans. Tonali skillfully passed to Bruno Guimarães in the large rectangle, who placed the ball on the Bern marble. The tall defender does not hesitate and nods his head correctly. VAR keeps everyone on their toes for a while, but the delay in joy among the English is real. .
  19. 9:34 PM Red Star – Young Boys: 1-0. The fifth goal fell in Serbia. After a quick transition, Bockarie (ex-Gent) continues to play well on his right wing. Red Star Belgrade’s number 30 comes off another player and then shoots the ball hard in front of the goal. There, Ndiaye followed closely behind to put the score 1-0 to Young Boys on the scoreboard. .
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