December 1, 2022

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Lots of things happen on the screen of the new iPhone

Lots of things happen on the screen of the new iPhone

The Mini was dropped due to lack of demand, so in terms of size, the choice is now between the 6.1-inch version and the max 6.7-inch version. Furthermore, Apple once again has a regular 14 and Pro version.

We can be brief about Benchmark 14: the differences with last year’s 13 Pro are marginal. Apple kept all the updates for 14 Pro, which makes it more interesting. By the way, this does not apply on the outside: the Pro also looks almost the same as its predecessor, which, in turn, is similar to the beautiful 12. Below, things have changed. The Pro has a powerful new chip and is equipped with a new camera system with a 48MP main camera. On paper, there is a significant difference from its predecessors, but in practice, the improvements are very subtle.

The most surprising thing is the screen, at least: what happens on it. First of all, the Pro says goodbye to the huge notch at the top of the screen that houses the cameras and sensors. Instead, Apple is now creating a “dynamic island”. This is a pill-shaped cutout that Apple says “blurs the line between hardware and software.” This sounds like a wordplay, but the idea behind the dynamic island is that the forced black dot is used simultaneously to display notifications. For example, what’s playing on Spotify or Apple Music. By clicking on the album icon, music lovers can control the music directly from this website. The nice thing is that the size changes with use. Hence “dynamic”.

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Another change is that the Pro screen is always on. Android users won’t be surprised, but it’s a small revolution for Apple. So there is no black surface when the device is resting on the table, but information such as the time and date or calendar appointments. You have to love him. And again, it’s only available on Pro. iPhones aren’t cheap, but those who are ready for a new one, better go straight for this Pro and ignore the Standard 14.

An apple iPhone 14 Pro From 1329 euros.